Y Pants – Y Pants EP

Y Pants – Off The Hook, Beautiful Food// Favorite Sweater, Luego Fuego (99 Records) 1980. Y Pants were Barbara Ess, Virgina Piersol and Gail Vachon. They mainly played at art spaces and had their own unique sound due to playing an amplified toy piano and toy drum set and a ukulele played through a distortion unit. Barbara was well known for her fanzine ‘Just Another Asshole’ and had played with Glen Branca in The Static and The Theoretical Girls. Branca produced this EP for 99 Records. All four songs on here are great and I would encourage everyone to hunt down the complete works CD released a few years ago by Periodic Document. Anyhoo, all three members of Y Pants were visual artists and was often the case with No Wave Acts, they had little to no musical experience. They made up for it with inspiration and creativity. This sorta thing was a huge influence on me as a kid. Where I grew up, to be in a band, you had to know what a pentatonic scale was and have appropriate gear. Otherwise you were shit. The idea that other people in the world were forming bands without any real training or whateveryoucallit was huge to me. Even as an adult it is still my modus operandi. Last Days was started from the same sort of rationale. I didn’t care that I had no “formal training” as a writer. That I had never been “published” anywhere. That I had never even written for a “zine”. I had something to say and so I started saying it. And you readers have been punished for that decision for almost three years now. hehhehheh….

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9 Responses to Y Pants – Y Pants EP

  1. peter says:

    this is a great record.

  2. DG says:

    This is great as so many of your features are. Unfortunately, Favorite Sweater won’t load.

  3. Joe says:

    DG — thanks man! All fixed…

  4. edu says:

    hi joe!
    …..and lord, thanks for your decision to “get up and go” and to start this LOVELY blog… 3 years ago already? hope it lasts FOREVER!!!!

    best regards!

  5. paul says:


    Any songs by The Static you can post? Can’t find it!


  6. jonder says:

    Keep up the punishment! You know we love it…

  7. Chris Oliver says:

    the beinning of Luego Fuego has a nice, wintry sound. Like snowflakes falling on the barren ground.

  8. yazzwho says:

    Interesting. My daughter just advised me that her academic advisor at Bard College is none other that Barbara Ess. I’m gonna stop by and say hello to her!

  9. Joe says:

    Tell her Joe Stumble thinks she is “off the hook”

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