The Accused – Martha Splatterhead EP

The Accused – Martha Splatterhead, Distractions, Martha Splatterhead // Slow Death, Take My Time, Fucking 4 Bucks(Condar Records) 1986. The Accused will be releasing their back catalogue shortly and in honour of that I thought I would post their very first EP. I don’t have the cover of this thing and I couldn’t find a scan of it anywhere on the web so instead I went ahead and used The Return of Martha Splatterhead cover which is where these tracks are from. See, The Return of Martha Splatterhead contained this EP and a bunch of extra tracks and was released in 1986. I didn’t know at the time that these tracks had been previously released on an EP in 1985. So, what we have here is probably one of the top crossover releases of the 1980s. Just a hands-down brutal and fun assault on your senses. This EP also represented the first release with Blaine from the Fartz singing and he was just prefect. I’ve never heard the earlier Accused releases with original singer John Dahlin (there were two, I believe) but I seriously can’t imagine it being as good as this. In my opinion, this was the high water mark of the Accused. Later releases were just too metal for me. But one listen to a track like Slow Death and you begin to understand what crossover really is. Originally slated for Halloween but then work got in the way.

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4 Responses to The Accused – Martha Splatterhead EP

  1. jeff says:

    good call. distractions & slow death have been in my hardcore jamz ipod playlist for months….

  2. OTTO says:

    yeah, ‘slow death’ made it into the radio playlist beck in 86/87… great tune. for some reason though, these guys never really hit it big with me… maybe it was the umlaut!

    btw, I uploaded another radio episode to your server. not as good as the first (if the word ‘good’ applies at all)… but perhaps a fun listen for you.

  3. Brushback says:

    Joe, try to seek out the early Accused stuff that you haven’t heard (especially the demo stuff)– it’s lightning-quick and completely raging. I first heard them on one of the “Bad Compilation Tapes”– I think it was demo tracks on the compilation. Don’t know how you’d find that stuff nowadays, but it’s worth it. Puts their crossover/metal-core output to shame, I think.

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