The Gears – Lets Go To The Beach

The Gears – Let’s Go To The Beach // Hard Rock, Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo (Four Speed Music) 1979. What to say about The Gears? They were an early punk band from LA…part of the whole X/Dangerhouse/Bags type scene. They were heavily influenced by rockabilly and were definitely a fun band. Not a lot of pathos with these guys. If you are looking for Joy Division, this ain’t it. The guys in the band all had great punky type monikers (Dave Drive being my fave) and looked like a bunch of greaseballs. The kind of guys who would steal your girlfriend and your hubcaps….probably at the same time.

If you like this, Bacchus Records has reissued thier first LP which is a completely brilliant work of punk genius. Sleeve lifted from Punk Rock Picture Sleeves against thier will.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good record! i thought the LP was better, though. a bunch of these popped up in the LA/OC record stores about 5 years ago, and you could snatch em for like 20 bucks, but that didnt last long. -dylan

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, all the three links lead to the same song…

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    sorry….all fixed

  4. Mr Fab says:

    Awesome! Haven’t heard “Let’s Go To The Beach” since the golden years of the Rodney on the ROQ show. Thanks.

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