Russian Meatsquats – Lets Hang Out!

Russian Meatsquats – Lets Hang Out! (Whoopsie Kerplonk Records) 1986. In the annals of musical history dating from the dawn of time, when cavemen crafted makeshift stringed instruments from the decayed lining of mastodon entrails, to the current era, what with its mp3 encoded bit-rate mania, one thing is certain. The Russian Meatsquats are going to be a footnote. In fact, they will be a footnote of a footnote of a footnote. When intergalactic explorers start rummaging through 20th Century arcana only the most accomplished historian of the bunch will be able to quote Russian Meatsquats lyrics and explain their significance in the mid-eighties, Lehigh Valley, PA hardcore punk scene. Does this somehow mean that the Russian Meatsquats are invalid? Hell no! This is the kind of manna that folks like me frenzy over. I mean, look at the cover of this album and think to yourself. Could this be you and your friends? If you released an album would it have been similar to this? Would you have gotten all of your crew together and taken a photo for the cover? Would you have named your label “Whoopsie Kerplunk”? How much poop humour would have been enough? This is planned obsolescence folks. These kids had no aspirations other than to play hardcore with their friends. Kinda like Skate Death really. And, who else is gonna care about bands like Skate Death and Russian Meatsquats if not Joe Stumble? I refer to myself here in third person for dramatic effect but the effect of listening to Let’s Hang Out is that you will want to ROCK OUT. The drums alone are enough to drive you into a frenzy. Brian Betzger sir, meet your match.

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  1. Brushback says:

    You’re right, the drumming’s pretty hectic– nothing’s ever topped the drumming on “Is This My World?”, though, I can’t believe you said that…

  2. Brushback says:

    Oh, shit, he’s got roto-toms? No way.

  3. Joe says:

    I dont invoke Brian Betzgers name lightly!

  4. Brushback says:

    You’ve been hitting some home runs lately. What you wrote here and on the Swiz post is some on-point shit.

  5. Raymond S. says:

    This is great! The video is awesome too; when I saw those guys skanking in the pit, it kinda reminded me of being in my teens watching Beyond Possession and hurling ourselves off the stage! Oh nostalgia…now I feel like a really old guy!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Scott says:

    Whoa. Roto toms. Mullets. Sweet.

  7. Jonathan Trainham says:

    Thank you I bought this 7 years ago for 10 dollars off and it is by far one of the best punk records no one ever heard of. i left there theme song as a message for my only punk friend in my small town to spread the awesomeness that is the Russian Meatsquats! What punk should be.

  8. marcos says:

    great!!! thanks for the cd cool blog

    Cheers From Argentina

  9. Joe says:

    Thanks Marcos! Glad you dug it. Love hearing from other peoples in the Southern Hemisphere and love to think they are rockin’ the Meatsquats!

  10. I just bought this today for $10….still in shrink with the insert and the vinyl is better than NM. There’s an unavoidable crossover element to this, obviously, but it doesn’t define the music like it would with, say, D.R.I. or C.O.C. of the same era. It reminds me of a much-sloppier All-era Descendents…itself a GREAT metal record that no one seems to realize is metal. The metal is dialed way into the background with RMS because the guitarist is just flailing and blazing away rather than creating tight riffage. I always try to snap up Crossover (esp the more metal-leaning examples) when I see it used, but I at first had no fucking idea what this was. Then, a quick read of the thank-you list gave it away, with inclusions such as Pushead, Nuclear Assault, and “Reed of C.O.C.” – I was sold before I even looked at the price!

  11. Joe says:

    Hey Andrew! I’m glad someone else is tapped into the genius of Russian Meatsquats….Where did you find the sealed copy? Were you in Lehigh Valley?

    You are totally right about All-era Descendents as well. “Van” is a prog metal masterpiece that just doesn’t get the cred it deserves (maybe because of the fart jokes).

    oh, and your Husker Du book is awesome!

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