Manchester Collection

A Manchester Collection (Object Music) 1979. A pretty excellent little comp of unknown bands from Manchester, UK circa 1979. None of these bands really went on to do that much although some of them (Fast Cars, Manchester Mekon) did release other material. It’s really quite a snapshot of the new wave music scene in general from 1979 ranging from mod to experimental and back again. My favourite band on this comp is IQ Zero, who remind me of a cross between The Talking Heads and The Jam. Another jem on here is The Mediators who clearly were fans of Mark E Smith. I mean don’t get me wrong. They do their own thing what with the saxophone and all. But an extended track entitled Monotony by a post-punk band from Manchester reminds me of the “three R’s”. There is just no way around this. My favourite line in the song is “I just want to please myself”. What does this exactly entail? Slight Seconds on the other side are also quite good. They have a punk thing going but like a lot of bands from Manchester, it’s pretty angular and choppy. Anyone have the split that they did with the Mediators? It’s gotta be a doozy. This whole thing was released on Object Music, a cool little label that also released two great albums by Steve Miro and The Eyes. Anyone hear those? Anyone want to?

A Manchester Collection

Grow-Up-You Are The One
Grow-Up-Night Rally
I.Q. Zero-I’m In Love
I.Q. Zero-Must Obey
Fast Cars-Why
Fast Cars-What Can I Do?
Mediators Monotony
Picture Chords-First Floor
Picture Chords-Levitating Ladies
Manchester Mekon-The Cake Shop Device
Property Of…-Property Of…
Vibrant Thigh-Wooden Gangsters
F.T.Index-Working On The Line
Slight Seconds-Double Face
Slight Seconds-New Me

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  1. Dan Selzer says:

    A good deal of the Object stuff is starting to see reissue on the LTM label, starting with an Object comp as part of the “boutique labels” series, and CDs by the Noyes Brothers (Spherical Object’s Steve Solomar and Steve Miro) and the Spherical Objects themselves. Now the Grow Up LPs are on CD as well and some other stuff should follow.

    I highly recommend the Grow Up CD, which includes their 2 LPs and 2 singles. Some really amazing (and pretty obscure) gems on there.

    The Slight Seconds tracks on the Waiting Room comp are really cool, probably among the most “post-punky” stuff on the label. Hopefully, some of the other Object stuff that isn’t coming out on LTM may get a release on Acute. More info on that later on…

  2. Dan from Canada says:

    FWIW, the link should be ‘ManchesterCollection.rar’, not ‘life.rar’.

  3. edu says:

    thanks joe again!
    and don’t forget the special messthetics cd dedicated to the manchester musicians collective, released not few time ago by always splendid h2d records.
    by the way, i love so much the “you’re the one” song by grow up! humm, yes, maybe too poppy, but hey, it’s so catchy i can’t stop playing it.
    and all people involved in music should take note of what the MMC did!! what a nice project it was.

  4. MRow says:

    Ha! Recently ran across this comp in a charity shop in Chiswick, tho I passed on buying it as it was a bit pricey and I didn’t know WHAT the heck might be hidden on it’s grooves. Now, I know – thanks once again.

  5. mt says:

    And containing the song (“Cake Shop Device” by the Manchester Mekon) that provided the riff for “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

  6. Joe says:

    Thanks Dan Selzer – I’ll begin looking for that stuff.

    Dan From Canada – all fixed, thanks

    edu – I like that Grow Up song too. Very mod…

    MT – Cake Shop Device came on the other day while I was running and I thought I recognized the riff. Thats an excellent track.

  7. Michael says:

    Great post. I love the first Grow Up song and The Cakeshop Device (neat story to go with that one!).

    @Dan Selzer – thanks for the info about the Grow Up CD. I’ll check that out; LTM has been putting out some awesome stuff.

  8. Jasmine says:

    Like slight seconds any more info? They remind me of element or transelement a great quirky funny band from wigan. The ultimate post punk new wavey band are magazine. Philadelphia. Class.

  9. Joe says:

    Wow, I love your paintings! Especially Lady bird man and Miaow Bot. I also love me some Magazine and would love to hear this band from Wigan you speak of…but what does all of this have to do with Philadelphia?

  10. Kevin says:

    In reply to Jasmine re-Slight Seconds. Please check out this website for info on all things manchester:

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