Venus Trap – The Key

Venus Trap – The Key (Noise Pollution) 2008. Let’s switch gears here and look at something new. This is Venus Trap outta Louisville. On my favourite label, Noise Pollution. I have yet to hear a Noise Pollution release that wasn’t a winner. They range from very good to mind-blowingly great. Musically there are a lot of similarities between Venus Trap and VRKTM. The drumming in both bands is real heavy and driving. The guitars are mixed relatively clean and noodly. “Noodly”, yes…did you think I could review a Louisville band without using the word “noodly”? Deep in the future after the annihilation of man, space explorers will discover earth and while going through the rubble of Louisville will themselves comment on the noodly-ness of the musical artefacts they uncover. When did this penchant for noodling take hold? With Slint? Your Food? The Endtables? Regardless, noodles are what keep me coming back to all of these bands again and again and if you want to put some Venus Trap on the buffet table, I’m gonna take a portion of them too, thankyouverymuch. Vocally, Venus Trap is more bombastic than VRKTM so this is where the similarity probably ends. The influence of Northwest bands like Sleater Kinney and Le Tigre are probably not just coincidence although I have no data to quantify this with. All in all, The Key is a great release. So bombastic noodle eating cosmonauts of the future, please take note.

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3 Responses to Venus Trap – The Key

  1. Dan Willems says:

    Yes indeed Joe. We (Suspected Terrorists) can attest to the awesomeness of Venus Trap.

  2. maxson says:

    Think the CD is great–you oughta see ‘em live. They are totally mesmerizing…they totally kick. We (Minnow) have had the honor of playing with them several times. Indeed I think the highlight of 2008 for me was the Minnow/Venus Trap double-release in-store show at Ear X-Tacy. Something really fabulous would have to occur in the next couple months to change my mind. And that may well happen…shaping up is a Noise Pollution blowout New Year’s Eve gig with Minnow & Venus Trap & Lucky Pineapple.

    Joe, if New Year’s in St. Louis is shaping up to be sitting on the sofa scratching your ass while watching Dick Clark & Ryan Seacrest and the goddamned ball drop on t.v., it might be worth the roadtrip!

  3. Joe says:

    Doug – I think I have just found something to do on New Years Eve this year. This sounds GREAT!

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