Minnow- 13 Wrongs

Minnow – 13 Wrongs (Noise Pollution) 2008. 13 Wrongs (Noise Pollution) 2008. Another band from Louisville, this new one by Minnow is definitely one of my top discs of 2008. Unlike a lot of the other Louisville bands that I review, Minnow does not have that noodly Louisville sound. This is kinda coincidental considering that Minnow is made up of some Louisville scene veterans including Doug Maxson from the band Your Food who really helped create the noodles in the first place. Also, Minnow doesn’t really sound like Fugazi. Don’t let the title and cover art fool you, that is where Minnow’s similarity with Fugazi ends. Instead, Minnow sounds like a classic Midwestern indie-alt-underground-whateveryouwannacallit combo. There is a straight line from Husker Du through early Soul Asylum through Squirrel Bait through Sonic Youth through Unrest through Versus right into Minnow. It’s as if they have taken all of what came before them and encapsulated it into one super cool album. I can’t imagine anyone hearing this and not knowing on a molecular level that this thing comes from the middle of the country. Doug’s guitar sound, Rob Pennington’s vocals, the driving minimalism of Becca Lindsay’s drums and the tunefulness of Carrie Neumayer’s bass all are perfect. Maybe I was just in the right mood for this or maybe it’s just that damn good but I am clearly pretty feckin’ impressed.

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  1. ian says:

    Joe – spot on with yr comparisons – esp. the Versus & early Sonic Youth – damn fine! I haven’t heard anything like this in ages – funny how no-one seems to play this kinda sound these days. If yr looking for new tunes you can’t go past the latest Drones album (Australian, so you know its got teeth) – check it out – a fine thing (& no im not in, or a friend of the band!)

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