Slaughter & the Dogs – Cranked Up Really High

Slaughter and the Dogs -Cranked Up Really High // The Bitch (Rabid Records) 1977. My first exposure to Slaughter and the Dogs was at 13 years old when I rented a copy of Don Letts low budget, super-8, 1978 masterpiece Punk Rock Movie from the local Movies To Go and stayed at home watching it instead of going to Jamestown Mall. I think I got the better deal on that. I believe Cranked Up Really High starts off the movie and is hands down one of the best songs/performances in it. Slaughter and The Dogs were early practitioners of the horror-punk thing as well. This is evidenced by singer Wayne Barrett’s getup in this performance. When I first saw Punk Rock Movie I thought that Wayne had applied too much talcum powder in trying to get that “living dead” look. I later read that he actually viewed it as a low budget smoke machine and the cloud of talc is entirely intentional. Listening to Slaughter and the Dogs now, I realize they probably had more in common with Slade than with the Sex Pistols. Listen to The Bitch for instance. That’s rock-n-roll baby. Cranked Up Really High? That little bass run in the middle of the song is the best example of a “pogo-riff” that I can find this side of Pekinska Patka or Elton Motello. Their first album which includes the proto-skinhead anthem Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone as well as Victim of the Vampire, one of the greatest horror punk songs ever, is available here as an import. Maybe it’s on iTunes as well. Get it, you yobbo.

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  1. Scott says:

    I love me some Slaughter and The Dogs. Apop had some Slaughter vinyl in the last time I was in there. I’m now kicking myself for not picking it up.

  2. Joe says:

    You guys should cover “The Bitch’ in the 75s..that would be a real cool gender reversal thing. Better yet, cover “Cranked Up Really High” and I’ll get up there and belt it out.

  3. OTTO says:

    Unintentionally appropriate, Joe. Today, I started a 3-year stint in lovely London, England. The bells of St. Paul’s are tolling outside my temporary housing as I write. Fired up my laptop to check that my wireless connection was up, running, and speedy, and I find a nice bit of early UK punk to welcome me to my new digs. Thanks.

  4. Joe says:

    ha…need a project manager? ;)

  5. Scott says:

    Ha! I have an MP3 of “Cranked Up..” lurking someplace. Hmmm….

  6. Joey says:

    getting high on glue and cocaine
    jabbing things into my vein
    a lucifer lord, a holding my hand
    pushing pills to a rock and roll band

  7. malfeitor says:

    I’ve never heard a single Slaughter & The Dogs song in my entire life. I did, however, at one time own the English Dogs’ Invasion of the Porky Men LP and they covered “Cranked Up Really High” on it. Didn’t even know it was a Slaughter song- probably because I was indeed at the Jamestown Mall constantly. I bought Foreigner’s Double Vision at the Camelot there and the 7″ of My Own Private Idaho.

  8. Senap says:

    Slaughter & The Dogs’ singer were Wayne Barrett. Andy Blade was the singer in Eater. Anyways; Nice post of a classic wax!

  9. Ograwker says:

    Andy Blade was in fact the singer of Eater. Slaughter And The Dogs lead man is of course the great Wayne Barrett. He was with them until ’78 or ’79 when none other than Steve Morrissey took lead. That’s right, from The Smiths. He recorded 4 songs with them , but never got released. Wonder how they sound?! Early 80′s saw Ed Banger of The Nosebleeds take over on vocals & released Bite Back + a few singles. (Great by the way!) Eventually Barrett rejoined the band to make it whole again. I have to say, I was lucky enough to see them play twice about 6 or 7 years ago here in L.A. & still to this day it’s been two of the best shows I’ve EVER been to! Love me some Slaughter. Always have and always will! Say, you ever heard their track The Fight off the Slaughterhouse Tapes demo? One of their best. Maybe I’ll post at my site sometime soon.

  10. Mike says:

    I think my first introduction to them was from one of the Oi! comps and then I think a later Slaughter 7″. Wasn’t till I finally found a copy of the Do It Dog Style Lp that I even realised GBH borrowed “Boston Babies” from them. Also there is a movie I rented a while back starring Mick Rossi called Played. I think he may have even wrote it. Steve Jones is also in it. Not too bad of a movie. No academy award winner.

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