48 Chairs – Snap It Around

48 Chairs – Snap It Around // Psycle Sluts (Absurd Records) 1979. Another one off of the Absurd Records label, The 48 Chairs was as mysterious as Gerry and the Holograms, another performer on the Absurd roster. However 48 Chairs are considerably more musically proficient. In fact, so proficient that this release just screams “side project”. Investigative minds lead us to Side B which features a cover of John Cooper Clarke’s Psycle Sluts, a song he recorded for his first EP entitled Innocents from 1977. Say, wasn’t that on Rabid Records? I believe the second Gerry and the Holograms release was a conceptual record, pasted with glue to the inside of the picture sleeve rendering it unplayable. The records themselves were actually unsold singles from Rabid Records’ catalogue but with a paste-on Gerry & the Holograms label on one side to fool the buyer that the record actually exists. Both Rabid and John Cooper Clark were Mancunian and I do believe Gerry himself had a northern English accent. As for the 48 Chairs, accents aside, I believe they were a side project for John Cooper Clarke’s band with a female singer. There. The mystery is solved. One of those mysteries that nobody probably cares about but me. And the music? Well I think Snap It Around may be one of the best songs ever to come out of the late 70′s British DIY movement. At times it reminds me of Everybody’s Happy Nowadays by the Buzzcocks but with an even better guitar line. Check it out. What do you think?

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8 Responses to 48 Chairs – Snap It Around

  1. Barter Bullets says:

    ‘Snap It Around’ is GREAT!

  2. Dan Selzer says:

    Now what about the 48 Chairs LP? I had a copy but leant it to Kevin from What’s Yr Rupture?, before the days of digitizing and haven’t seen it in years. It wasn’t brilliant through and through, but totally solid and pretty interesting.

  3. Brushback says:

    Ha, I just posted a live version of “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” a few hours before I read this post. What a weird coincidence.

  4. Joe says:

    Dan – I didnt even KNOW there was an LP!

  5. Roberto says:

    C.P.Lee and some of the Albertos are involved with this…

  6. JohnnyPScott says:

    New and selected original tracks (re-processed) will be compiled as an album and be available asap – JS 48 C’s

  7. Thomas says:

    I love this song. If this album is a reality, how do I get? Can’t find…

  8. Palatine Chairfan says:

    Wow – Snap it around! First time I’ve heard that in over 30 years. Somehow it became a cult record in Withington and much played at the (in)famous Palatine Avenue parties. Neve knew there was an LP – there’s a thing.

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