SIC – Cover Girls Smile / Between

SIC – Cover Girls Smile // Between (Not on Label) 1983. One of those weird minimal synth obscurities that one comes across when one is a total music-collecting dork such as me’self. There is absolutely no information on the interwebs about SIC so anything that I say here will be pure conjecture and inadmissible in a court of law. So what is there to say? Well first of all, SIC was clearly popular enough (or being groomed for popularity enough by a label) to make a video for the A Side of this single. Upon looking at the video, I became convinced of a few things. First of all, SIC were Europeans. There is no way this is an American band. If I had to take a wild stab at it, I would say Germans. Second, SIC were hippies. This one caught me off guard. I had the B Side of this single on my iPod for months and was convinced that SIC were a bunch of brooding Factory Label type hipsters. Boy was I wrong. Third, go take a look at their video for this song (on the you tubes). Video Killed the Radio Star. That ain’t no lie. It’s probably why this band never broke. Finally, the B-Side of the single is a great little synth punk track. The A-Side is good too but Between is where my money is. These are the conclusions of my research and I am sticking to them.

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6 Responses to SIC – Cover Girls Smile / Between

  1. voodoojoo says:

    I agree that there is just no way this is an American band.

  2. At the very beginning of the video clip is a magazine cover SIC Illustre which might indicate French???

  3. voodoojoo says:

    “Cover Girls Smile” is growing on me in such a very deep way, like Black Randy, or Novak. It really gets under my skin, but then, so does Superrat. In any case, great posts, Joe!

  4. maxbenign says:

    Belgians, I tell you. They’re Belgians.

    And that’s all I can tell you.

  5. chica says:

    ‘between’ is in the same slot as a sydney australia band called ‘The Machinations’. they had a single in 1980/1 called ‘Average Inadequacy’.

    check out this later more refined version:

    really enjoying your blog!!

  6. Joe says:

    I LOVE this video for the Machinations. Thanks for sharing! Never heard of this…

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