Vice Versa – Music 4

Vice Versa – New Girls Neutrons, Science Fact // Riot Squad, Camille (Neutron Records) 1979. THIS is without a doubt, probably one of the greatest minimal synth releases ever. In fact this exists right at the point where minimal-synth and synth-pop connect. Shortly after this release (and a cassette and second 45) they changed their name to ABC who were an equally good group in my opinion. Yes that’s right, I like ABC. What of it? But where ABC traded in later Roxy suave and cool, Vice Versa aimed for early Human League / Cabaret Voltaire sci-fi kitsch. Except I like Vice Versa even more than the early Human League and the Cabs because there is a pop element to what they were doing that just works so well. Anyway, at this point if you have not heard this you need to check it out immediately. I cannot say enough good things about it.

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  1. Robin Parmar says:

    I have this in its fold-out sleeve. And love it to bits.

  2. oldskool says:

    You are right, this is one of the best. Incredibiy high quality in virtually every single track they ever released. And yes, I was a huge ABC fan when their first album came. Hard to believe they had anything to do with Vice Versa. Trevor Horn did a good job.

  3. malfeitor says:

    I picked this up last year for $2 but hadn’t got around to listening to it. Didn’t even know it was some ABC guys (I was also an ABC fan but haven’t listened to them in forever). And Heaven 17 for that matter.

  4. jonder says:

    Happy New Year, Joe! Have you seen this music blog yet?

  5. Ivan says:

    Hello there, it’s really nice to read from someone about Vice Versa. At the moment of writing this, ‘Camille’ was piercing out through the loudspeakers in my room, from a 7″ record. All of Vice Versa releases are truly magnificent for being so simple yet so cleverly structured and angry. According to what Martin Lilleker wrote his ‘Beats Working For a Living’ book, for most of their time Vice Versa were mostly ridiculed in Sheffield back in those days. I guess for every Cabaret Voltaire and Clock DVA there was a certain Vice Versa which people couldn’t relate to but mercilessly judge their intentions by ticking them off. But Vice Versa had this strict aesthetic in their synthetic sound – The Human League for instance, no mantter how respectable, were already trying out hard for synth-rock on ‘Reproduction’. Vice Versa were pretty aware of the synth-chic and smart enough to carry out their own manifesto – a bit childish but just as effective. When I first heard ’8 Aspects of’, especially ‘Stilyargi’, I couldn’t get enough of it. And still can’t. Everytime.

  6. Jon says:

    This sounds a hell of a lot like The Normal to me. That’s a good thing, because The Normal weren’t exactly prolific.

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