999 – Emergency / My Street Stinks

999 – Emergency // My Street Stinks (United Artists) 1978. Hard to believe that it has been three years since I kickstarted this site. Three years of pure, unbridled, consistent kickassitude if you ask me. Sure, I never got that endorsement deal I was hoping for with White Castles and I have yet to make it on a reality show but what the hey, 2009 is a new year right? I think this is the year Last Days goes mainstream. Kinda like 999. OK, they never went mainstream. That wasn’t even really an option for them. Not really an option for me either unless your everyday dipshit starts rockin’ P-Model at the local Quick Trip. Don’t see it happening. I’m talking consistency here peoples. 999 had it. Sure there were more glamorous options. More socially relevant options. More hip options. But for pure stamina, 999 really delivered the goods. The first three albums by these guys and accompanying 7inches were all excellent. Take this one for instance from their first LP. Emergency is a stone cold classic and My Street Stinks is one of those throwaways that other bands would have loved to have on an A-Side. But those other bands didn’t have the chops. I can’t believe it has taken me three years to post some 999. Appalling.

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  1. OTTO says:

    Joe, it always freaks me out a bit when the cosmic unconsciousness rears its ugly head (and this isn’t the first time it’s happened with your posts)… but, what am I listening to as I walk in from the pub 10 minutes ago? 999s first album… “I’m Alive” is just one of the greatest straight-ahead punk songs coming out of the original UK punk explosion. ‘Cause these guys really did have chops, and when they let loose (like on My Street Stinks) they could totally shred. Later albums like Concrete are great for entirely different reasons…

  2. The Wolfmen says:

    Haven’t heard this in years – what a belter

  3. malfeitor says:

    3 years??? Congratulations. I just didn’t have the stamina for it any longer- maybe I should have rubbed some Extenze all over my blog then it could have been more potent and, well, you know, BIGGER. Keep it up, I think your endorsement deal is just around the corner.

  4. steve humann says:

    Saw these guys at the Whiskey in Hollywood in about 1980 I think. We loved them but also got the feeling that they suffered from the ‘Vibrators Effect’ of being too old for the English music press. Sure didn’t stop us.

    As for the 3 years Joe, in particular with malfeitor’s comment on having quit his own blog, I’m really hoping you keep it up. The funny thing is I don’t really download and listen to very much of what you post. Maybe it’s like Playboy and I only like the articles, but it’s true. I really enjoy the articles.

  5. Jenny says:

    happy anniversary Joelsph! yes, I mispelled for humor.

  6. Vincent Ramsey says:

    These guys still kick ass. They still play every now and then, and I have have them booked for playing a gig on the 9/9/9 here in Lincoln (England). I have had them play before a few times, and they still deliver!!! Awesome!

  7. Mike says:

    Yea, they never went mainstream, but they did sell decent for a punk, or as I have heard Nick Cash unabashedly say, “New Wave”, band. I can recall “Homicide” getting quite a bit of play on the radio around here (Los Angeles/OC) in 80/81. That was my first exposure to them. It wasn’t until a year or two later that an older penpal/tape trader turned me onto the early singles.

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