9353 – To Whom It May Consume

9353 – To Whom It May Consume (r&b records) 1984. There weren’t that many bands in the original hardcore scene that really pushed the boundaries. I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that hardcore in and of itself was pretty damn extreme and already occupied a place on the boundaries. However, like any other youth movement, hardcore also had a set of conventions that at times could seem like “rules”. This was problematic because the whole idea behind hardcore and punk in general was to “fuck the rules”. So the paradox that a scene built on the idea of “no rules” could have a uniform sound and look caused certain bands and people to focus their scrutiny inward on the scene itself instead of outward at society at large. “Anti-hardcore” hardcore bands like No Trend, Flipper and Drunks With Guns all released music that was designed solely to fuck with the punters heads and ideally force them to challenge preconceived assumptions they were making about the music (and lifestyle) in general. Of course this didn’t work at all because most people need conventions and self-imposed limitations just to function. But it was a great idea, no? And of all of these bands, the weirdest of all was probably 9353 who weren’t really a hardcore band at all. But like No Trend, they were attached to the DC scene and played a lot of shows with hardcore bands like Government Issue and such. I don’t know if they ever made anyone think but judging my later DC releases, I do believe they were inspirational. This is their first EP from 1984. Imagine if Shrivel Up era DEVO were fronted by Stan Ridgway and that they were all ex-hardcore punkers. Then imagine how that would sound on acid. Underwater. On Jupiter. In a spacecraft made out of Velveeta.

9353 – To Whom It May Consume

Famous Last Words
East of Sudan
With All Respect
Test Life
Color Anxiety

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  1. charlie says:

    I saw these guys play a few times, way back when. they were definitely different from the standard hardcore of the time. love the ending segment to your post. thanks.

  2. edu says:

    dear joe,

    thanks for this great post. this band means a lot to me. remember first time i saw pics of them at the now cult classic book “banned in dc” and wondering “wow, how this band may sound? they really look interesting!”. and what abut their flyers/posters? they were so inspiring as well!
    so it’s wonderful to see you did a post of them. of course, their music is brilliant. never boring and always refreshing.
    you can see a video of them here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htQ0nWrcGOY
    i think it reflects perfectly what 9353 was. enjoy :)

    and last but not least, now we’re talking about dc bands, it would be great to mention amazing bands like chalk circle – bloody mannequin orchestra, nuclear crayons, madhouse, cats for dinner, nurses, and tiny desk unit (to only name a few).

    it would be really interesting to do a post about all these bands (maybe not so well known as the ones related to dischord house), that developed their totally unique style and created their own scenes as well.

    keep doing so great job. so inspiring!

    best wishes,

  3. thomas p says:

    Wow! Never heard of dem totally unique sounding guys. Mid era Sparks crossed with early 1981 PIL?

  4. P. Albert says:

    Thanks for posting this. I can speak for a bunch of people from the DC area who found 9353 HIGHLY inspirational. They are one of my very favorite bands from DC or anywhere else.

    I’m with edu . . . any menton f BMO or any of the other WGNS bands is worthy!

  5. Chris Oliver says:

    This is really good, thanks.

  6. cpnchaos says:

    I just got inspired to dig vinyl and digitize. These guys were very tops on my list, and I totally forgot about them. And like usual I go in search of info/art to go with my mp3 files and someone else has done already. Yours sounds better than mine, my album was played to death back when. I did not know much about them and appreciate the info!

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