RIP Lux Interior: 1946 – 2009

Lux Interior: 1946 – 2009.

Thanks for everything, Lux. Really. Life wouldn’t have been the same without you.

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12 Responses to RIP Lux Interior: 1946 – 2009

  1. roc says:

    how did this happen?!

  2. OTTO says:

    no fucking way….. oh, that’s really too bad. say it ain’t so, Joe.

  3. mrpoopy says:

    How timely. Here I’ve been in one of my “all-the bands-these-days-suck-shit” moods for the last couple of days and another member of the Old Guard decides to kick the bucket. They won’t be making them like that again any time soon–at least not from what these young twits think passes for rock and roll.

    On the brighter side, Poison Ivy is now available!!

  4. peskypesky says:

    god fucking damn!

  5. Dr. K says:

    A shocker straight from a textbook offside trap position, Lux rocked like girls don’t. RIP

  6. kopper says:

    He was born in ’46. Just a couple of months younger than my oldest brother. Nice photo, btw. ;)

  7. J.N says:

    Weird! This was the first place I noticed about him beeing dead at all! Too bad! :(

  8. DG says:

    Wow, another one gone.

  9. Jenny says:

    This is awful.I wrote a eulogy for him here:

  10. chris g says:

    To the greatest treasure hunter of all time: WE’LL MISS YOU!

  11. Mike says:

    I don’t know what it is, but everyone I have spoken with this past week is sincerley saddened over this. These aren’t people that knew him personally. I told and old friend who hasn’t kept up with punk or the Cramps for that matter in ages. Her eyes teared up, she recalled when she worked the bar at the Cuckoo’s Nest and tore Lux’s pants off on stage. That was about 30 years ago, but somehow the Cramps held a special place in a lot of people’s memories and I think it signals a passing of an era, so they feel like a little bit of them has passed too.

    Stay Sick Lux

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