Come On – Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor

Come On – Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor // Kitchen In The Clouds (Come On Music) 1978. Come On…I mean, really. Come On. Is this a Come On? Be straight with me. Can you be as straight as Come On? Come On is rigidly straight. So straight that they may seem bent to you. This is not a Come On! Can I break out the rock-crit clichés here and describe them as “angular”? Describing them as angular would be misleading because how many angles are in a straight line? I’m not talking about proclivities folks. Come On may be as bent as Klaus Nomi. That’s all fine and good. But from an aesthetic perspective, which is always my chief concern, Come On is a straight line. Listen to these two songs from 1978, both about kitchens, from their only release. Buy the anthology of all their unreleased tracks and if you’re a fan of early Polyrock, early Feelies and early Talking Heads, try not to Come On yourself. OK that was crude. But sincere. You can count on that from me. Sincerity is my currency.

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  1. edu says:

    so funny! just last night i was listening to homework 105 with the “don’t walk on…” song on it. now i say that, there’s a song that makes me go insane anytime i listen to it: “you’re so cool” by cyclones…. maybe you could do some post about them? that would be wonderful :)

    best wishes,

  2. Jenny says:

    “W-Worse that can happen is can I spill some on my $3,000 suit. Come on! Oh, yeah, yeah. The guy in the… the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn’t make that in three months. Come on! Oh. Why don’t I just take a whiz through this $5,000 suit?!”

    Sorry,I had to reference it. I love me that GOB

  3. Joe says:


  4. Jenny says:

    Please refrain from discussing or engaging in any sort of interoffice bleeping or bleeping or finger bleep or bleepsting or bleeping or even bleep. Even though so many people in this office are begging for it. And if anybody does anything with my sister Lindsay, I’ll take off my pants, I’ll shave bleep. And I’ll personally bleep…

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