Angelic Upstarts – I’m an Upstart

Angelic Upstarts – I’m an Upstart // Leave Me Alone (Warner Brothers) 1979. Well after an absolutely terrible week at work which cast doubt on my future ability to support myself I have no fucking choice but to listen to The Angelic Upstarts. Nothing else will quite do the trick. And as is usually the case, after listening to some vintage Oi, I feel a hundred percent better. I swear to god I am getting more radical in my old age. I have really lost the ability to suffer fools. The American corporate structure is so full of sociopaths, douchebags and backstabbers. It’s a rigged game and I just flat-out don’t want to play it anymore. On the other hand I gotta eat, so I’m looking for some sort of compromise. I think I’m gonna try to go back to being a developer if I can. And I think I wanna work contract. And I want to shield my life from dealing with corporate fucks like the cretins I have been forced to deal with lately as much as I can. I’ve had enough. Yeah, I’m an upstart so go away and leave me, fuck off and leave me, go away and leave me alone. Released in 79 and produced by Jimmy Pursey.

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  1. J.N says:

    I know the feeling and love those songs! Thanks!

  2. Garychching says:

    Hey Joe, I beat you to it mate. Also got fed up of all the corporate bollocks and went contracting. I think your like it.

    Music does it for me as well, always cheers me up when I’m feeling pissed off. Classic upstarts stuff

  3. Contractors of the world unite!!!

    Been doing it for 2 years now and never looked back. The thought of a 2 hour pointless meeting makes me shudder….


  4. Scott says:

    Joe… I am a lowly contractor. It’s not that great. Where I work, contractors are treated like 2nd class citizens, and if my company were to suddenly lose the contract, I’d be SOL. I’d most likey be forced to move out of state.

  5. OTTO says:

    Dude, I’m one of the corporate assholes to whom you refer. I’ve been busy ‘right-sizing’ our mega multi-national during this ‘prolonged economic downturn.’

    But I have to say that I find the entire corporate game increasingly tiresome. I’ve moved further in my career than I ever imagined (I share you working class Irish background), but I find myself surrounded by the same frat-boy assholes I hated in school (just older, balder, and more into golf)… and I don’t like them any more now than I did then.

    Gotta get the kids’ college paid for and then gotta find me somethin’ better to do with the 60 hours per week I currently devote to The Man. I guess technically I am ‘The Man’, but I don’t like to face up to it….

    Hang in there…. and fuck ‘em all.

  6. Joe says:

    Otto .. we’re pretty similar. I have gone farther with the corporate schtick than I ever imagined as well but as I get older I am losing my patience for it. You can’t work in the sewer all day and wash out the smell of shit forever.

    Anyway, thanks to all’y'all for the support. I am now a contractor. I start my new gig on the 4th. So for the short term, alll is good. Long-term…I gotta do something else with my life.

    Now that I am an hourly employee…I should have more time for Last Days too

  7. Fred says:

    Wow just got laid off today, my feelings exactly

  8. Mike says:

    Great band that I feel has been cast to the sidelines in retrospect. When I was young and impressionable the Upstarts music and lyrics really kind of struck a chord with me. I took a different path than some of you and though I do deal with the corporate turds you speak of, I do so from across the table as a union member (and elected officer). Anyways, I got to see the Upstarts in ’82 and then again in ’83. Both great gigs, but I actually was more blown away by the latter gig which featured the “Woman In Disguise” line up. An absolutely amazing gig in Hollywood. They were on fire that night.

  9. Joe says:

    Hey Fred, hang in there and fuck em all.

  10. Kenny says:

    Classic M8, Thanx!

  11. elliott says:

    woooo! oi! i friggin love this man. thank you.

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