Prljavo Kazalište ‎– Prljavo Kazalište

Prljavo Kazalište ‎– Prljavo Kazalište (Suzy Records) 1979. A cool but inconsistent release from Yugoslavia. There is definitely an old school rock vibe to this release. Lots of guitar solos and a general scent of patchouli dominate. In fact, I think these guys may have been bandwagon jumpers more than anything else so maybe this is a bit of punxploitation. Ideological subjectivity. Who knows? Prljavo Kazalište have been around for many years over in their neck of the woods and seemingly have gone through many permutations and line-ups of which I aesthetically can’t endorse. But if you’re nutty for Yugo-Punk like I am then this album from 1979 is worth checking out. Bit Će Bolje in particular reminds me of Freak Magnet-era Fluid which is never a bad thing. I dig the Rolling Stones-as-filtered-thru-UK-77 look of the cover too. Definitely not Pekinska Patka but then that’s like expecting every band from LA to sound like The Bags or something.

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5 Responses to Prljavo Kazalište ‎– Prljavo Kazalište

  1. Jenny says:

    Wow! I love the cover

  2. fyi says:

    .rar file no worky..

  3. charlie says:

    I enjoyed the samples from this record. anyway to fix the rar file? it refernces meatsquat(?).

  4. Petrovic says:

    Surely, punxploitation ! This was their 1st LP, second was in “ska” , 3rd was more pop-rock, 4th and all others were just AOR pop.

  5. Ivan says:

    Ah, I live in the suburb where they started 30 years ago, they long ago moved to the “better” areas of my city since they became rock stars. Only the original singer Bogović remained in his old neighbourhood. He stayed down to earth person, in fact I think that he was on Fucked up! gig few days ago. An anecdote goes that they were dressing up casualy but when they were going to gigs they took their “punk” clothes in plastic bags with them and then dressed up more punky when they were out of their rough part of town…

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