The Dishrags – Past is Past

The Dishrags – Past Is Past (Modern Records) 1979. The Dishrags were an early all girl punk band from Canada in the late 1970′s. This is thier first single ‘Past Is Past’.. A lot of critics prefer thier second single, but I disagree. This early single is a great primitive blast of punk rawk. The second single ‘Death In The Family’ was recorded after they expanded to a four piece and it sounds like they were trying to mimic The Raincoats or something. I added a bonus live track Gang War which is some scorchin’ shit….

7inch Punk posted this a while back but for some reason, the links don’t work. I noticed while “researching” this post, that Vancouver Complication has been re-released by the way. Buy it!!!!!

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  1. Peter - KBDRecords says:

    Amazing record! My pick is Gang War. Have been curious about this 7inch for a long time since I’ve only heard them on the Vancoucer comp and like them there. Thanks James!

  2. malfeitor says:

    Thanks for this one. I’m pretty sure the links didn’t work for this one just a few days after 7 Inch put it up so I wasn’t able to take a listen.

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    It is a pretty nice sounding 7inch. I love old school Canuck Punk Wrock. Would love to hear the Active Dog 7inch from Canada. Just thinking outloud here……

  4. zuzu says:

    Hey, I wrote Gang War! Glad you like it and have it for download :) We only played it live a few times.

    zuzu aka Susan

  5. zuzu says:

    btw — never listened to The Raincoats

  6. Joe Stumble says:

    Hey ZuZu! You can’t just drop those two notes and split! I have questions!!!!!

    Seriously though, I got the live stuff from the Love/Hate CD from a few years back. That live tracks on the CD are amazing and the track Gang War is almost proto-hardcore. It really speaks to how aggressive your music was live.

    Which leads me to the second 45. The one I believe you are on as a second guitarist. I guess I made the Raincoats connection because it was released on Rough Trade and was less “punchy” than the first. The songs are good but the production is kinda flat and somewhat like The Raincoats in packaging etc. It doesn’t leap out at you like the first 45. Maybe the engineer/label was trying to make you more like the Raincoats?

    I dunno….

    Anyway, thanks for writing. Drop me a line sometime at I got lots of questions about The Dishrags!

  7. chris g says:

    love the vocals on this

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