G-Spot – Idle Worship / Poor Little Rich Girl

G-Spot – Idle Worship // Poor Little Rich Girl (IME Records) 1984. When I was 17, I left school and left home. I ended up in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a couple of years and while there I knew a variety of characters. One of them was a guy named Scott who had a basement apartment over in the 15th Street area. His mom lived in the building on the third floor and had worked out a deal with the landlord to rent out the basement. It was a shit-hole but it was his. I went over to his apartment, smoked pot and listened to music on rare occasions. Scott was a really difficult guy to get to know. I think he was gay but hadn’t really dealt with it yet. He had this weird friend over there a lot who had a progressive brain disease. They may have been involved. I didn’t ask. It was always dark and messy. It was strange. One time when I was over there, Scott put this 45 on and told me it was his favourite release ever. I remember sitting back and just being blown away by how cool it was. Scott was a big fan of Joe Christ, who had previously been in Los Reactors and went on to become the director of classic films like ACID IS GROOVY KILL THE PIGS (1993) and SPEED FREAKS WITH GUNS (1991). This was Joe’s synth punk 45. It was the first time I had ever heard synth punk. Long before The Units, Crash Course In Science or The Screamers for me. I just thought it was the coolest thing. I asked Scott to tape it for me (yes, cassettes) but he never did. I ended up moving away later that year and never saw the dude again. Now I barely even remember what he looked like or anything. I probably only hung out with him 5-6 times tops. But dammit…I remembered this 45 and when I came across it recently on Atomic Shockwaves Volume 7, I had to share it. It’s as good as I remember.

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  1. Matty Coonfield says:


  2. nikita coltrane says:

    Very cool.

    The keyboard-played melody in “Idle Worship” sounds a bit like “The Metro” by Berlin.

  3. grant says:

    I have that “kill the pigs, acid is groovy” single, Joe Christ rules!

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