The Embarrassment – Sex Drive Outtakes

Back in May, I lauded The Embarrassment Sex Drive 7inch as “one of the greatest art punk singles ever.” As always, I was right on the mark.

With that said, I was surprised by the response that 7inch received. Pleasantly surprised. So in honour of all the Embarrassment fans out there, I bring you the two outtakes from the Sex Drive recording session. These were on the Heyday comp on Bar None in the mid-nineties which is criminally out of print now.

I love the song “After The Disco”. It completely sums up my whiteboy American midwestern inability to go out disco dancing without being hyperconscious of my own ridiculousness. Fave line:

“Saw a movie the other night…A guy and a girl were in a fight
It was good, I saw it, he said …’You want I should fuck something?’”

Slays me every time I hear it.

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6 Responses to The Embarrassment – Sex Drive Outtakes

  1. Borko says:

    There are some problems with The Embarrassment links.
    I know only “Celebrity Art Party” and I would really like to hear if the other songs sound as good, because this one is almost perfect.
    So, if you can resolve the problem, please do.

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Its fixed. I dont know whats keeping you from listening to other Embarrassment tracks anyway, these have been on here since May!

  3. Borko says:

    Well, I’m a fresh user inerested in too much things with a lack of time and the bloggs are JUNGLE. Thanks for the songs, anyway. I had that Heyday compilation, but I didn’t like it much.

  4. jon manyjars says:

    Blogs are jungle. True dat. I didn’t find out about the most recent Embarrassment reunion until it was too late… lotsa details at

  5. LAST LAUGH says:

    Official SEX DRIVE 7″ reissue out now on LAST LAUGH RECORDS!!!

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