The Bongos – In The Congo

The Bongos – In The Congo (Fetish) 1980. I bought Drums Along The Hudson a few years back because I wanted to hear some more of the “Hoboken sound”. What this really means is that I was hoping to hear another Crazy Rythms, which I think is one of the greatest albums ever made. Needless to say The Bongos are NOT The Feelies. They are more like The Comateens actually. They were contemporaries of both bands and did manage to produce a handful of great singles that bridge the gap between New Wave edginess and powerpop earnestness.

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  1. tae says:

    Hey thanks for the Bongos, I never really loved them but still great to hear these old tracks, I loved Richard Barone’s live solo album: Cool Blue Halo, do you have that by any chance? Thanks for sharing the love.

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