LDoMoE Podcast #10 – 14/06/2009 Stumblemix

Erase Errata

I am receiving so many records now, both in the mail and via email, that I am having a hard time reviewing them all the way I used to. I’m not complaining, keep em’ coming…there’s a lot of great music out there. I just need to re-think my approach, which I did, and here is the result of all my highly scientific research. Yes, the first issue of the Stumblemix is at hand. Here’s how it works. You send me shit and I listen to it. If I don’t like it, it disappears, never to be seen again. I don’t have time for bad reviews…this site is about love, man…so chill the fuck out. If I do like it, it goes on one of these podcasts. Each podcast will be about an hour in length. Once I have gathered enough music for another podcast I will release the next edition. I will still be doing my posts like always. This is for new releases that I get and can’t feature the whole album or albums that aren’t great but have a few really great tracks or something that is in print that I pick up. That kinda shit. If I get a release that just blows my fucking mind, I may do a solitary write-up on it. Regardless, if your song makes it on one of these podcasts, I like it. A lot.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Should I actually add some vocal DJ hosting like a radio show or is it better like a comp tape? I’ll also be adding things that I pick up that may still be in print just to share a track in the hopes you will be inspired as I was to go pick them up. Good ideas? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Wicked Awesomes

So in the name of wicked awesomeness, let me start with Wicked Awesomes who channel the wolf spirit and sent me a split 7inch with the also featured O-Voids. Both of these tracks are minimalism at their finest. Probably not as minimalist as We’ve Seen The Future of Rock N Roll and Radiohead Has Nothing to do with it, by Self Defense which clocks in at 34 seconds. I’ve always maintained that hardcore is actually minimalist art rock in the sense that it is an intentional stripping down of rock clichés and conventions. Don’t let the aggro distract you from that. With that said, there is such a thing as mongo-hardcore© (thanks Erich!), which was a brand of hardcore first practiced in the mid-eighties by bands like The Crumbsuckers and is definitely not art-rock. Probably just metal. Destruct-A-Thon from Boston fall into that category. Still, I’m a sucker for this kind of thing, so mosh away.

Geographically, my hometown is represented pretty strongly on this first instalment of the Stumblemix. The much loved 75s are on here with Candy Colored Dreams, a pretty little song that reminds me of both K Records girly pop and maybe even bands like the Young Marble Giants a bit. Released on TIRC Records who also have released the new 7inch by my old band Left Arm. Left Arm recorded this track with Jim Diamond up in Deeetroit Rock City. Loser’s Recipe is the B-Side and it was always one of my favourites to play live. A true Jimbo Stotts original. A pair of originals from the River City are Matty Coonfield and Lorne Day, who currently play guitar and bass respectively in the much loved (at least here at Last Days of Man on Earth World HQ), Glass Teeth. But in a previous incarnation they were boozing, brawling sons of a bitches in The Electric, whose Degenerotic Doses was the best STL album I never heard. Extra points for naming your song Sloe Gin and it NOT being a KISS cover. Jeff and Big Mike from Glass Teeth also appear on here from their previous incarnation Kids on Fire, which is some seriously damaged hardcore. Brushback says it sounds like Bon Scott fronting Pissed Jeans. I concur. On the hip-hop front, Scripts N Screwz rock the mic with the New Noize which is pretty damn inventive. The rhymes are loose and the riff sounds like Blood On The Moon era Chrome. I shit you not.

Colorado is also represented here with a couple of tracks sent to me by the Zodiac Killer. Goin’ To Jail by HOSS starts this podcast off and it is unrepentantly shitkicker music. These guys come from Fort Collins, they grew up watching Metal videos and they rock hard. The 29th Street Disciples are from my old neck of the woods and A Letter To Life sounds a lot like The New Bomb Turks which is always a good thing. Another Zodiac Killer band in the same vein who are not from Colorado is Disguster who did a split with The Hitchikers. Off Your Feet is from the split. I added a track by The Hitchhikers as well but it is off their amazing new album Intellectual Properties Of The Minimal Kind. Are you a Nothinmatron? These ex-Humpers think you are. Another good garage punk band on here are the Pink Sexies from Nashville Knoxville who do Action Man. They sound a lot like Left Arm in fact.

Shy Child.

Moving back into post-punk art damaged weirdness are The Rogers Sisters, who I first heard back in like 2001 and have since retired thank you very much. I recently picked up their first EP on Amazon for like 85 cents. That’s crazy. It’s so good. I also picked up Nightlife by Erase Errata and it’s my favourite by them. It was like $1.09 on Amazon. Crazy, I say. Another great band from the post-punk explosion of the noughts is Numbers whose Driving Song, sums up my feelings about driving completely. I love the “solo”. It is like being in a car. Finally, 97-Shiki from Chicago perform Hurts My Head which is a great avant-punk noise thing that is not unlike the Straight A’s. They are associated with the staticstation co-op up in the Windy City who are releasing a lot of very cool vinyl with awesome and very unique packaging to boot.

For more intentional monotony, check out the UK act Normal Man who like Flipper, convey the joyless vibe. It really isn’t any surprise that this aesthetic translates so well to post-industrial England. While Flipper added Left Coast angst and rage to the mix, Normal Man approach things from a more wry and detached frame of mind. It’s really good stuff. I will probably do a full review, if they put out an official release. For sheer “Whatthafuck” effect, I have added Jay Reatards synth pop act Terror Visions with his sweetly sensitive song World of Shit. His music makes me feel unclean. On the same label, FDH Records is the great Doctor Scientist from Philly with This Changes Everything, a truly idiotic original. Speaking of idiocy, The Planet The, are on here with Man called Wife, which I nominate as having the best lyrics ever in a song. The rhythm is unleashed by Shy Child, a drum and keytar combo who break out some serious 79′ era NuYorican timbales action on Technicrats. A similar track is Puerto Rican Jukebox by Panther the best track off their album 14 Kt. God. It’s very nice to hear beats like that coming from the indie world.

The Rogers Sisters.

Finally, what would a Stumblemix be without some Louisville sweetness? For that we have The Metroschifter, who have returned to the fold with a great new EP on Noise Pollution. Also, how about some Bad Blood? Another band from the wild world of Dave Bird. Some TV Network needs to do a reality show about this cat. He is in like 15 bands, including but not limited to a traditional Ethiopian ensemble, a Pentecostal revival band, a crude scuzz rock supergroup and this, his punk-n-soul, R&B review. The reality show spin-off sensation would be based around Bad Blood lead singer guitar player Eric Supplee, pictured at the beginning of this post, who I had the good fortune of getting messed up with last time I was in Louisville. The dude is seriously the closest thing to a modern Levon Helm you could possibly meet. Finally, I have added a great track entitled Strict Denial by Dave’s old 1990′s band OUT. which is now kind of a Louisville legend and reminds me at times of the Candy Snatchers. Good times. Definitely, some good times.

Finally, speaking of a good time, if you get the chance to see the glam band Triple Cobra in concert, run don’t walk. They are probably one of the best live bands I have ever seen in my life and I saw them on what should have been an off-night considering the bizarre redneck bar they got booked in. I added their song Lazerbird to the playlist at the last minute because I was so damn impressed with their performance. Seriously…they are an amazing live act. From San Francisco and currently on tour.

LDoMoE Podcast #10 – 14/06/2009 Stumblemix

Goin’ To Jail – HOSS
Nothinmatron – The Hitchhikers
You Won’t Believe It – Rogers Sisters
Candy Colored Dreams – The 75s
Lazerbird – Triple Cobra
Strict Denial – OUT.
Sloe Gin – The Electric
On Fire – O Voids
Man Called Wife – The Planet The
Technicrats – Shy Child
Test Patterns – Wicked Awesomes
This Changes Everything – Doctor Scientist
World of Shit – Terror Visions
New Noise – Scripts N’ Screwz
Rider – Erase Errata
Driving Song – Numbers
Hurts My Head – 97 Shiki
Baby Death Smash – Normal Man
The Kids Are All Fucked – Kids on Fire
Consume With Incisor – Destruct-A-Thon
Murder – The Metroshifter
Puerto Rican Jukebox – Panther
We’ve Seen The Future of Rock-n-Roll and Radiohead Has Nothing To Do With It – Self Defense
A Letter To Life – 29th Street Disciples
Losers Recipe – Left Arm
Off Your Feet – Disguster
First Time – Bad Blood
Action Man – Pink Sexies

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15 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #10 – 14/06/2009 Stumblemix

  1. Dave B says:

    Cheers once again Mr. Stumble, for the props, and more importantly, for once again turning me on to a bunch of stuff that I feel like I should already know about. What would I do without Last Days? To clarify, Mr. Supplee plays guitar in Bad Blood. One only hears him sing when he’s drunk, which is often, and there is karaoke happening. It’s not pretty, but it can be pretty funny. GLASS TEETH IN LOUISVILLE!!!

  2. Brushback says:

    Self Defense! Yes!

  3. Scott says:

    Joe — This is a great idea. A podcast w/ DJ-like asides and intros would be killer. And if you go that route, I have a suggestion: talk to Kopper about posting it on garagepunk.com I think they could use something like Last Days, The Podcast.

  4. Scott says:

    PS – I’m diggin’ the Triple Cobra. Where did you see them?

  5. Jeff says:

    I’d definitely prefer some DJ-ing, and it would be REALYL

  6. Jeff says:

    …fucking tiny-ass keyboard.

    …it would be really nice if the tracklist on the site had what time each song started.

  7. charlie says:

    killer set of tunes. dj’ing would be good to help follow which bands we’re listening to.

  8. Joe says:

    Dave – Man, I thought Eric was your singer. Who sings? You? Looking forward to the Glass Teeth show in Louisville whenever it may be.

    Brushback – Yeah I shoulda credited you for that. I love that Self Defense stuff. Reminds me of Deathwish.

    Scott / Jeff / Charlie – you guys got it. I shall deejay future podcasts and include times for each track. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Brushback says:

    No need to credit me for Self Defense – they’re on the Archive.org site, which anyone could’ve found. Great stuff, too.

  10. OTTO says:

    Nice set… Don’t usually go for the podcasts (like to pick my own), but thiis kept me interested from start to finish. Rock on, Stumbleman.

  11. Scott says:

    Jesus. I just listened to Destruct-A-Thon. I’m not sure playing kick drums that fast should be legal.

  12. ian says:

    another great bunch o songs – thanks a heap – really appreciate the time & effort you put in here…diversity keeps the whole thing spinning!

  13. Ian says:

    The Pink Sexies are from Knoxville

  14. Joe says:

    Sorry Ian, I corrected that.

  15. kopper says:

    Joe: Yes, we’d be very interested in adding a Last Days podcast over on GaragePunk.com. Just shoot me an email for detailed instructions on how to submit your show for inclusion in our network. Thanks!

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