Suburban Death Trip – Psychodelic Discore

Suburban Death Trip – Psychodelic Discore (Smudged Records) 1986. My shitty little teenage 1980′s HC band used to play on bills with SDT occasionally. My memory of them is that they were a bunch of weird pockmarked older druggie guys from Iowa. I can’t remember what city up there but….

SDT tried to do an MDC thing and change their name with every release. I believe they went more metal (or more polished metal) and released an album as “Sonic Disruption Theory”. I believe they may have even moved to Frisco.

But the reason I am posting this has nothing to do with any of the above information. The reason I am posting this is because it is the most hilarously ridiculous HC record ever. Is it HC or really bad metal? I don’t know! But every time I listen to this, I laugh my ass off.

Oh yeah…and check out the cover too!

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  1. Robert says:

    This band were from Iowa City, I grew up with one of the guys in the band’s younger brother. The main band leader guy lived in a house right across the street from my elementary school. It was where they’d practice, the city eventually condemned the house and kicked him out. They did eventually morph into Sonic Disruption Theory, moved to S.F., and played a slowed down version of the Punk/Metal Crossover stuff that was the thing in the late 80′s (releasing one so-so album). Thanks a lot for posting this album, takes me right back to being an 11 years old.

  2. Joe says:

    Hey Robert,

    What did you think of them when you were 11?


  3. malfeitor says:

    I believe I remember seeing these guys play with Iowa Beef Experience (at Turner’s?). Don’t remember anything about it except there seemed to be hundreds of people there, like everyone decided to go out (for once) to a St. Louis show. It always seemed that way, 40 people at one show and 400 at the next one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I seem to remember Iowa Beef Experience had a hot chick bass player with a mohawk! Grrrrr, baby!

  5. Anonymous says:

    iowa city band

  6. grant says:

    this is awesome! i REALLY dunno why but at first listen they reminded me of the consumers (AZ)

    this also reminded me of a tape i have of a band from a hardcore band from the 80′s – ‘like a horse’. pretty sure they were from columbia, mo.

    you ever heard em joe, you being a missouran?

  7. Joe says:

    No memories of “Like A Horse” but then again, I was never a big fan of Columbia and didnt know there were any real bands there. Lawrence, now THAT was a town.

    Ironically enough, I played on a bill with Suburban Deathtrip in Columbia back in the 80s.

  8. Jon says:

    one of the first punk rock shows I saw was Suburban Death Trip with No Fraud and Belching Penguin. . .I must of been 16 or 17. . .piled the crew in my mom’s old LTD and drove over the Skyway Bridge down to the old No Fraud Warehouse in Venice. . .a mecca for punk rock on Florida’s Gulf Coast. . .it was at the height of neo-nazi fashion and I remember lots of dorks in suspenders. . .i even got to punch one of them in the skull when they started beating up on little kids. . .my eyes were wide open after that .. . .finding this post brought back crazy memories

  9. elliott says:

    wow this is funny. i’m not sure but i think it’s bad metal. the singer is fucking bad. but i can’t stop listening to it. it’s one of those things where it’s bad but i love it. thanks.

  10. Brendan says:

    I sent away for the SDT demo tape with the red cover after reading Pushead’s review of it in MRR. I remember he described it as having “cool and gnarly vocals.” Even back then, I could tell that it wasn’t great, but it was better than what me and my friends were doing at the time.

  11. Erich says:

    Joe, now you too definitely need the “Mongo Rock” tag I use for this kind of musical glory. Bizarre!

  12. Adrian says:

    Do you have anything from other Iowa bands?
    In particular Children Of The Corn, Welfare Skate, and A Child’s Trust In God?

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