I was preparing the Pylon post and I started thinking about other bands I liked from the Athens, GA scene. One of them was covered here. One that hasn’t is Oh-OK.

Oh-OK were led by singer Linda Hopper and bassist Lynda Stipe. Their first EP had no guitar and was just bass, drums and vocals. I really like this one…..it’s called Wow. Their second EP added a guitar player named Mathew Sweet. I don’t like it as much…it is called Furthermore What.

Over the years Oh-OK has been known primarily for who was in the band more than the music itself. Mathew Sweet obviously went on to be a powerpop king in the 1990′s. Lynda Stipe’s brother Michael ended up overshadowing her sister’s musical career.

…which is a shame because Oh-OK were a cool little band. All of their material was recently re-released on CD.

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  1. Toilet Wave says:

    This music rips. Good call on posting it.

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