Pylon – Gyrate

Pylon – Gyrate (Vertigo) 1980. Of all of the wave bands I have rediscovered over the past few years none have impressed me as much as Pylon. Back in the 1980′s they were name-dropped all the time. I remember buying Chomp at a used record store largely due to the hype and the fact that any record with a giant dinosaur bite at the top is at least worth hearing once.

So, I get home with my much-hyped Pylon record, put it on and was very, very…disappointed. I thought it sucked! I wrote them off at that time as a waaaayyy over-hyped band.

It’s funny how things change.

A couple years back I found out that Chomp was Pylon‘s second album. Their first is called Gyrate. I decided to give Pylon another chance and bought a copy of it from eBay. It has not left my record player since. It is simply one of the greatest post-punk LP’s ever.

In Michael Azerrad’s great book, Our Band Could Be Your Life he says that Mission of Burma‘s “only sin was bad timing”. This could also be said for Pylon in a completely inverted way. Hear me out….see, Burma were completely underappreciated in their time. However, now they have achieved the icon status that they should have had all along.

Pylon, on the other hand, were over-hyped in their time and now are virtually forgotten. It’s time to “rediscover” Pylon!

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  1. bitterandrew says:

    Cool, I’ve been looking for this album for a while now.

    Thanks for posting it!

  2. KS says:

    GYRATE is supposed to be re-issued sometime this year. I hope CHOMP is next.

    Here’s a link to Pylon’s news page:

  3. b. brown says:

    My, how things work! I did a Pylon post at my site (Used Bin Forever!on the same album on September 14, just ten days after yours.

    They were a fantastic band.

  4. The Kenosha Kid says:

    This is great!

    Reminds me of a band called the Cyclones. Do you take requests?

  5. Joe Stumble says:

    You can certainly make requests! However in this instance I cant help you. I would love to hear the Cyclones as well. Anyone out there got some mp3s they want to share?

  6. Ge says:

    Probably a bit late on this.
    I have the English edition of this LP on Armageddon records and it has a slightly different songlist:

    1 Volume
    2 Feast on my heart
    3 Precaution
    4 Weather radio
    5 The human body
    6 Read a book
    7 Recent title
    8 Gravity
    9 Danger
    10 Working is no problem
    11 Stop it

    Then I have a 10″ (always on Armageddon records) with
    1 Cool
    2 Dub
    3 Driving school
    4 Danger!!

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