The Units – Warm Moving Bodies

The Units – Warm Moving Bodies // I-Night (self-released) 1979. The Units were a Synth Punk band from San Francisco in the late 1970′s early 80′s. For years I saw one of thier later records at various used record stores. I remember thinking they looked very dorky and stupid. I believe Rachel Webber was wearing leg-warmers.

Anyway, imagine my suprise when I first heard this awesome 45! The a-side really is nothing to write home about but the b-side!!!! i-Night is a brilliant song. In fact musically, it sounds to me like how The Screamers would have sounded if they ever had gotten thier shit together and recorded officially.

Vocally it reminds me of Chrome. So yeah — if Damon Edge had fronted the Screamers it would sound like i-Night. Lyrically it reminds me of Chrome too. Really apocalyptic and cool:

Invisible man
What i want to be
The crest of a wave
Escaping the sea
A dot of the fog
The part of the wind
That lives in the night

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  1. Drindle says:

    I saw these guys play a couple of times in Los Angeles and they were a Great band. Origianlly they were a 3 piece, drums and 2 keyboard players. The later added a femail on vocals. There is another 45 that is also great by these guys, it has a rubber stamped cover.

  2. ahipdude says:

    I forgot all about the Units. I had the EP New Way to Move. I loved it. Thanks for posting them. Nick

  3. Mr Fab says:

    Thanks amucho for these.
    iNight (is that an Apple product?) sounds like Keith Emerson gone punk.

  4. rich says:

    This single is absolutely fantastic, both sides, though I predict maybe not as out there as the two Futurisk 7″s if I ever get to hear them

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is the band that thought Jandek (who originally also released as the Units) would be a threat to their reputation, and issued him a cease and desist letter.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Cannibals” is my favorite Units song (and probably my favorite synthpunk song), but damn “iNight” is killer!! The A-side, “Warm Moving Bodies”, sounds boring like they were trying to make a “hit” or something. “iNight” sounds even creepier when you’re driving home in the dark listening to it (like I did on the way home from work yesterday).

    - TONY in Chicago

  7. Peter G Werner says:

    I remember The Units from the very early ’80s – I even saw them once at the Savoy Tivoli in 1980. They were actually a good band live, with videos being a big part of their performance. (I read that they were actually based in North Beach, which in 1980 still had a lot going on, unlike the pure yuppie neighborhood/tourist trap the area is now.)

    I’m not so sure about the comparison to The Screamers – I know likes to put them in the same genre, but I’m not so sure. The Screamers and Nervous Gender were definitely punk, even if they weren’t doing guitar-based music. One didn’t get that sense from The Units. They were more part of the wave of late ’70s/early ’80s “Art Institute bands” that were kind of on the margins of the San Francisco punk and New Wave scene, but didn’t really fit into either.

    iNight really is a great piece of music – something I vaguely remember getting airplay on college radio at the time, but hadn’t heard since then. I didn’t even know the song was by The Units, actually.

    In defense of “Warm Moving Bodies”, I think that the version on the “Digital Stimulation” album is much better than this one, with more solid electronics and less of an attempt at “slick” vocals. The version of “High Pressure Days” on that album is quite good too. (If you search around, you can find a bittorrent source for the entire album, which is still working as of this writing.)

    Thanks for uploading the 7″.

  8. Roberto says:

    a friend of mine used to have this,great find,we all miss this kind of imaginative bands today

  9. Chrisbee says:

    This is one of the few bands that SHOULD regroup, but probably won’t.

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