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So here’s the deal….

Mississippi drummer extraordinaire, Larry M was apparently around back in the day. We probably went to a lot of the same shows and knew a lot of the same people. The apparent difference between the two of us is that he kept all of his cool shit from back then while I unfortunately did not. As evidence of this, check out what he sent me recently…

Exhibit A: Toasted Ravioli

The first Ultraman 7inch

All of these songs were live staples back in the day. My personal favourite was probably Yipes. Mike Doskocil from Drunks With Guns is drumming on this one. It also has the original guitarist Bob. Amazingly enough, it also has the same shitty-assed drum sound that the second 7inch has. What were those engineers in St Louis thinking back then? The guys in Ultraman were nice enough to include brief descriptions of each song with the 7inch and I have included them below. Note, Ultraman were an extremely topical band….and St Louis was all the better for it.

Mr Yuk – A tale of a mean man in my neighborhood who would yell at people to get out of his yard at other people’s homes.
Eggboy- This is Rob’s epic that was supposed to be a rock opera.
Yipes- This is about an evil spider that leaped at me one night from five feet away.
The Game – The way I feel when I have to wait ten days for a quarter pounder with cheese.

Exhibit B: Gooey Butter Cake

White Suburban Youth – Demo For Food

This is one I have been hoping to hear for quite a while. It was Tim’s band before Ultraman and I believe Fritz from The Strangulated Beatoffs was in this as well. I was in my early teens when this came out and I remember listening to this maaaany times. Some of these tunes went on to be Ultraman standards. I dig I Can’t Win, I’m a Freak, Busted At Bernards…the HC tunes. I always thought Tim’s voice was totally suited for that kinda shit.

Note: The sound quality is pretty poor just because it’s from a 20 year old tape. Ironically enough, I like the drum sound more than the Ultraman 7inchers. Also, some of the content may offend delicate sensibilities. Tim Jameson has always been up-front that he is a Conservative Republican….a belief I don’t share. But, much like the FU’s, the socio-political ramifications of White Suburban Youth were lost on my then 13 year old mind.

Anyway, I would rather drink beer and shoot the shit about politics with people like Tim then hang out with most of the “stick-up-the-ass” PC folks I have known in my life….

Continuous Arc
Punk Rock Faggots
I Can’t Win
Egg Boy
The Game
It’s Really Hard to Skateboard
Locked Inside
My Way
I’m a Freak
Speed Racer
Busted at Bernard’s
Go, Bob
It’s a Clique

It’s worth mentioning that Larry sent me another unrelated gem which I will be posting in the next few weeks. It’s kinda like a trip to Rigazzi’s, you gotta pace yourself.

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  1. malfeitor says:

    So I read through this thread and I’m surprised that neither Tim nor Fritz said anything about another demo. I’m telling you, Joe- I’m not crazy. WSY had a song called Jason that they would play on faster and louder. Didn’t they?? I’m thinking around 84ish????

  2. Anonymous says:

    track 12 is missing
    thank you for posting this

  3. malfeitor says:

    Haven’t got around to downloading this from you yet but I’m already confused. Did WSY have another demo? Although I remember some of these songs on the Faster And Louder show, I distinctly recall hearing some other (rougher) tunes not included in this bunch. One was a different song about skateboarding and another was called “Jason” which I believe was a Friday The 13th reference. Am I delusional??
    Perhaps you can ask your contact the scoop, and thanks to the both of ya for these!

  4. malfeitor says:

    …oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure Fritz was the drummer.

  5. malfeitor says:

    Funny, I just reread your post and realized you must be talking about the Larry M that played drums in the bands I was in. Hey, that bastard married my girlfriend! Just kidding (about the bastard part, not about the part that he got married).

  6. Joe Stumble says:

    small world ennit?

  7. Joe Stumble says:

    yeah by the way…Mike D was the drummer for Ultraman on the first 7inch. Fritz was the drummer for WSY. Can’t help you with the Jason track….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anyone out there have the Laffin Stock demo tape? I think it was called “Thanks for Cummin’”? I’d love to hear that.

    Thanks for posting these.

  9. Joe Stumble says:

    I have been asking for the laffin stock demo for months dude. It was an all time classic.

  10. Tom says:

    Per your numbering, was this really a 32-track demo? Are there other songs from this you could post?

  11. Joe Stumble says:

    Don’t know what you mean by “per my numbering”. These are all the tracks I got.

  12. Tom says:

    By “per your numbering,” I meant that it shows that the 14 track are out of 32 total. So they are listed as 1-6 and 9-16 of 32.

    Thanks for posting these (great stuff!) and answering my question.

  13. Joe Stumble says:

    ahhhhh they were burned to a cd with 32 tracks on it. the other tracks were an ultraman 7inch and a suprise for next week.

  14. malfeitor says:

    C’mon, give us a hint. I’ve never even been to Rigazzi’s, what would I know about pacing myself??

  15. Tom says:

    That’s kinda what I figured (except about the surprise part).

    Again, thanks for posting these.

  16. Anonymous says:

    re: Ultraman- I know you said that’s the drummer from Drunks W/ Guns, but my ears are telling me that’s POSITIVELY DWG’s singer too. If it isn’t the same guy, that’s an amazing similarity.

  17. Joe Stumble says:

    nope…its the mighty Tim Jameson on vocals. Maybe that style of singing could be considered the “St Louis Style”?

  18. Anonymous says:

    I must have gotten the unlimited director’s cut because mine had C-Span, and I thought rockin Bob Thurmond(sic) was on bass.This demo was my first initiation into punk rock. I played the cassette to death and wish I still had a copy.–Mike D. from Dorks with Forks.

  19. Tim says:

    The WSY demo here is from a recording in January of 1986. It was recorded in a guys basement in St. Charles. The only copies sold that I remember were at a show at Turners in the months before we broke up in April of that year. The last show being with Naked Raygun. This line up included Rockin’ Bob Thurman on bass and of course Rob Wagoner on guitar, Fritz Noble on drums and Tim Jamison, vocals. The song titles are as follows.

    Continuous Arc
    Thousand Names
    Mindless Respect
    Rejection Reaction
    Speed Racer (It actually had a different name that Speed used when he signed up for a race against Pop’s wishes)
    Just Doesn’t Clique

  20. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah I used to have the flyer from that Naked Raygun show on my bedroom wall when I was a teenybopper. Thanks Tim for the titles this is very helpful. Tim forgets to mention that Ultraman has a myspace site at http://profile.myspace.com/ultraman and the latest Ultraman album “Constant Weight of Zero” is indeed some good shite.

  21. Mike D. says:

    White Suburban Youth always blew me away. I remember seeing them at this esoteric venue called “Brothers” if memory serves correct, and I think they opened for the Rhythm Pigs? Tim’s vocals were perfect for that music. I think they were the best punk/hardcore band to come from St.Louis. I must be father time because my musical proclivities always lean towards the old school punk. Punks not dead. WSY rules!!
    Mike D. from dorks with forks

  22. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah…The first Blind Idiot God demo was pretty trailblazing if memory serves me correct. By the time they got to SST they were much more experimental other than that, I would say WSY were the shit.

    I would love to get my hands on that BIG demo, as well as Laffinstock, Dead Planet, Never Alone etc etc etc.

    There were 2 Mike D’s in Dorks With Forks. I knew one of em prety well. Drop me a line….

  23. Michael says:

    Yeah, I remember Blind Idiot God too. All the punks would slander and harass the drummer because he wore gloves when he played. As per usual, the punks thought it wasn’t punk enough. The very first show I ever saw was Corrosion of Conformity, and the local skinheads at the time stabbed some poor kid. You try to tell people how “Hardcore” it was back then and you sound like an old man. It’s very hard to see Blink 182 on CRIBS with their 16 cars and manufactured angst and oppulence. How punk rock is that?

  24. Joe Stumble says:

    I went to junior high at the same place a couple of the dudes from Blind Idiot God went. The tape was passed around. I was in 7th grade and I remember it was too fucking crazy for my limited tastes. My favorite bands at the time were the Circle Jerks and the Dead Kennedys.

    I got kicked out in 8th grade and shipped off to the deep suburbs of north county and stuck it out for a few years listening to Radio One/Faster and Louder and hanging out with nobody until the skaters started popping up. That’s when the WSY demo started making the rounds.

    Even by then, HC was a much different thing. If you compare the scene that centered around West End Wax and New Values with the later suburban skate scene, the skate scene was much more divorced from punk rock and more aligned with metal. I was part of them both to a degree. Kinda like the difference between the Hollywood punks of 78 and the OC hardcore kids of 82 except in Missouri.

    Blink 182 has nothing to do with any of that to me. It’s like comparing Peter Frampton to The Fugs.

  25. Michael says:

    Punk rock and Hardcore to me is: the Clash, Bad Brains, Minor Threat,Dead Kennedys, Angry Samoans,SNFU, Cro-mags, early DRI. I’m sure i’m missing quite a few more seminal bands. There were a lot of peripheral bands but these bands always stood out for me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the + opinions toward wsy. i liked it alot myself. drumming with tim and rob was fun.

  27. Joe Stumble says:

    Effin’-A Fritz! Thanks for visiting Last Days of Man On Earth!

  28. Anonymous says:

    thank you. i found it looking up the bpeople and was happy to see the wsy part. new strangulated beatoffs sometime soon.

  29. Brett Smith says:

    I recorded a demo of White Suburban Youth in the basement of my parent’s house in St. Charles. It was short, on a handful of songs. I may have the 4 track tapes in storage somewhere. I hadn’t thought about them for years!

  30. Joe says:

    According to Tim above, this is that demo. Do you think yours is different? If so, I would love to hear it!

  31. Craig "Rot" says:

    I’ve been trying to get W.S.Y’s demo for more than 20 years! I only have a crude cassette recording from when it was aired on KCFV’s “Radio One/ Faster & Louder” show shortly after it was recorded. I remember in the early 90′s asking Rob Wagner (guitarist;White Suburban Youth/Ultraman/ Snake Ranch/Bent,ect..) to make me a copy of that demo, and he’d smile and say “ok”, but I could tell he was hesitant about making me a copy. Probably thinking I was gonna bootleg it or something ( and he may have been correct).
    I saw those guys live all the time at Turners before switching to Ultraman with a slightly changed line-up (but played most of the same songs). And I have to say they (WSY) were probably the best punk band to come out of St. Louis at that time. Great shows, mostly opening for other bands, but really had the crowd captured with their style and talent! They almost always opened their set with “New Rose” by the Damned and immediately had the crowd pumped!

  32. Tim says:

    How odd that I would check this today because someone asked me about getting a copy of the old demo. Yes, there is a song called Jason that is on the first demo, So This Is Apathy. My favorite line, “My name is Jason and I love chasin’ people at summer camp”. Anyway, I thought some songs from that one had been posted too.

  33. Tim says:

    Also crazy that I would be talking about this with some one and see the last post. Yes, there was another demo which I thought I had commented on here about. It’s called So This Is Apathy and there was a song called Jason. It was recorded in Rob’s bedroom in January of 1984.

  34. Tim says:

    Ha, I did comment back in August already…..

  35. Craig "Rot" says:

    Funny thing, I ran into Rob Wagner at the Mission Of Burma show and still won’t give me a copy of that demo. But then again, I forgot to ask him!

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