Rudolph Dietrich – B.O.F.S.

Rudolph Dietrich – B.O.F.S. // No Claim With Bluff & Swindle (Rudolph Dietrich Self-released) 1979. Rudolph Dietrich, was sort of a Zelig of Swiss Punk and New Wave back in the day. What day, you ask? Well back when grown men roamed the post-apocalyptic desert in knee-high leather boots and shorts. Duh. Rudolph started off his career in the ultra-crucial Nasal Boys whose 1977 7inch has been featured on other blogs. In 1978 he played briefly in the band Kleenex who everyone knows were one of the greatest post-punk bands ever. In 1980 he played in the band Mutterfreuden with Thomas Wydler later of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. In 1981 Rudolph formed Blue China who were a very influential cold-wave sort of band over in Switzerland. The only year unaccounted for then is 1979 and that was the year we find Rudolph wandering the wasteland in leather gear and venting his musical frustrations about the industry with these two hit songs, both of which have a slight metallic edge to them. B.O.F.S. is the winner in the pair but the B-Side ain’t no slouch either. Rudolph is still active today but I am not clear as to what he is doing. He seems quite mad, really. Apparently a compilation album of all his early work was released a few years back. Definitely something to own if you can find it….

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  1. batdog says:

    Excellent!!! Rudolph Dietrich’s amazing musical output correctly accounted for – well at least the beginning… I’ve been following his progress for many years now and, yes, he’s still active!!! Check out and find many of his past classics as well as all the great new stuff his working on…. also saw him play live last summer with his current set of songs and I must say, if you get a chance to see him, it’s seriously worth it – one of Switzerland’s or even Europe’s finest musicians!!!!

  2. batdog says:

    His current project is called ‘Rural Sr.’s Le Vodou Sports Club’ – it can be seen and heard here:

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