Chinas Comidas – Peasant/Slave

Chinas Comidas – Peasant/Slave // Lover Lover (Exquisite Corpse Records) 1978. Chinas Comidas were a very early new wave/punk band from Seattle. Labelling them as anything is kind of ridiculous because in reality bands like Chinas Comidas just did what the fuck they wanted, labels be damned. In fact, the “new wave” moniker originally was a way to classify a bunch of disparate acts who rejected conventions like Pere Ubu, Wire and NNB and in that sense Chinas Comidas were “new wave”. Their connection to punk was even more tenuous. Essentially there is an aggressiveness to the music that is certainly punk and Chinas Comidas performed on bills with The Germs, Bags, The Crowd, Rik L Rik, Zippers, Plugz, Fear, Dred Scott and others. In reality, the band were a great experimental rock band with a singer who wrote poetry and approached performance as art. In fact, I believe that you will either love this or hate this based on Cynthia Genser’s completely over the top and theatrical vocals. It took a while for me but now I am hooked. Musically, anyone who reads this site regularly should love this. It really comes from a time when there were no rules and performers were fearless.

Chinas Comidas circa 1979: Brock Rock: drums, Rich Riggins: guitar, Cynthia Genser: vocals, Dag Midtskog: bass, Mark Wheaton: keyboards.


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  1. Once again, great stuff!!

    I wonder which guy in that photo is the keyboard player!

  2. Joe says:

    ha,ha so true

  3. liz says:

    If you like this girl’s singing, maybe check out the Ama-Dots from Milwaukee.

  4. Tim says:

    DAMN they rocked

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