The Prefects – Going Thru The Motions

The Prefects were this really great punk band from Birmingham. I don’t mean Alabama by the way. They were true class of 77 UK punters all the way. They released absolutely no vinyl while they were in existence and were only together for a brief period of time.

It’s a shame that they did not release more because they were truly a great band. The best comparisons that I could come up with would be to The Fall, The Subway Sect, and Wire. This is a great description that I saw of them on Punk 77:

“Their music is as bleak, cynical and loveless as their personalities, with a perverse humour. Their relationship to orthodox rock music is tenuous, at the closest a horrendous doppelganger parody. At its best their music can have a frightening intensity. Suspicious and arrogant, they have no friends, want none and despite creating an evolving sound, their potential for recognition is limited.”

In other words, my kinda shit.

So there is a CD out there of them. I believe it is out of print, but it is readily available on Amazon. It is called “The Prefects are Amateur Wankers”. Apparently the title is a quote from Clash manager Bernie Rhodes. Because it is still so easily available, I am just going to post their one posthumous 45. It had no picture sleeve so I opted for a pic of the band. If you like it, go buy the CD…it’s great!

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4 Responses to The Prefects – Going Thru The Motions

  1. jamillah says:

    hey, have you checked out nightingales? i’m sure you have–its post prefects, i think?

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    yeah..the Nightingales were a great band. Definitely post Prefects and very different. Maybe a future post. There was a few years between the two bands

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lloyd (Prefects / Nightingales singer) has been a fixture in our local area (the ‘bohemian’ part of Birmingham) for many years…Always drinks at the Prince of Wales and Old Moseley Arms pubs…

    My old band (Napalm Death) played with The Nightingales back in 1985 – doss…

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    Napalm Death did shows with the Nightingales?!?!?! That would have been an awesome bill.

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