Consumers – All My Friends Are Dead

Consumers – All My Friends Are Dead (In The Red Records) 1995. I picked this up a few years back. It’s a great document of one of the coolest US class-of-77 bands ever. The irony is that they released nothing at the time. Kinda like The Prefects actually. Whenever I hear an amazing band like this, I always wonder how many other amazing groups were around back then that went undocumented.

Anyway, I could try to do a write-up on this but Brendan Mullen beat me to the punch (in so many ways, really). The LP is currently available on remastered CD on the ultra-cool In The Red Records so I am going to only post a few tracks. You can buy the thing here. Their version of Anti, Anti, Anti is one of my top ten punk tracks ever.

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  1. fred says:

    Shortly after their break-up in LA, Cutler formed 45 Grave where most of the Consumer tunes including Anti Anti Anti became the 45 grave setlist.

    It was cool as early on they had Don Bolles & Pat Smear as well. Since I was on the lookout for a new Germs after Darby kicked, for a time, it was the closest thing.

    The 45 Grave versions were released years later, in ’86, with an LP cover that featured the ’86 band, so it causes confusion. Called Autopsy, if you look at the list of tunes it has many of the Consumer songs you should now recognize. The drawback is that ’86 was the early day of digital remastering, so the sound leaves something to be desired.

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah I have Autopsy. Great CD. I generally like the Consumers tracks more I think. Especially Anti, Anti, Anti which gives me an adrenaline rush every time that opening guitar kicks in.

    Now Sleep In Safety’s version of Dream Hits is superior to the Consumers version which seems like an unfinished idea in comparison. I may post some 45 Grave as we near Halloween.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bought this LP back when it came out in the summer of ’95 and am still blown away pretty much every time I listen to it. Just brutal guitar playing by Paul Cutler on nearly all the tracks especially “Teen Love Song”, “Anti Anti Anti”, “Consumers” and “Punk Church”. A real, real shame that it went unreleased since the late 70′s. Although it was floating around in tape trading circles before In The Red put it out actually. And regarding Paul Cutler, sad that by the mid-80′s he had mellowed out and was playing in a band (forget their name) that put out total hippie crap like “Life In A Northern Town”. Sad.

    - TONY in Chicago

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    Paul Cutler was playing in The Dream Syndicate who were great (at least on thier first LP). You are thinking about Dream Academy which was total dogshit.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Paul Cutler was in Dream Syndicate sometime after the first LP. That album (“Days of Wine & Roses”) was their best but had Karl Precoda, whose playing totally defined their early (far superior) sound.

  6. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah I was in a rush when I typed so i didnt get too detailed. I just couldn’t leave the statement “Paul Cutler was in Dream Academy” out on the www without a correction.

    Indeed, the Dream Synidcate tanked for me after Days of Wine and Roses and the only true Dream Syndicate lineup was Precoda, Wynn, Duck and Smith. One of the soundtracks of my adolescence and if it wasnt readily available on Rhino would have been a very early post.

    A far inferior lineup years later included Paul Cutler. I remember a video on 120 minutes. With that said, Dream Syndicate even in its heavily inferior later form was still infinitely better than “Life In A Northern Town”.

  7. thefuzzymode says:

    Paul Cutler was also an amazing recording engineer/producer and had a big’ol tall stack of albums and 7 inches that he worked on. Besides being one of the best guitar players in all of L.A. for many (many!) years, he also made lots and lots of bands sound sooooo sooooooo great!

  8. chris says:

    Does anyone know what Paul Cutler is doing now? I saw him play many times live but I have no idea if he is even still making music. Hope so..

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