Z-3 MCs – Triple Threat

Z-3 MCs – Triple Threat (Beauty and the Beat Records) 1985. So yeah, I haven’t done a hip-hop post in a while and that is largely due to the fact, that unlike punk rock, hip-hop had a very limited run in its early days. It’s true. Within months of the Damned releasing New Rose, punk bands all over the world started independently releasing singles and LPs and five years later the movement had grown and diversified in a thousand different directions. Pure blogger heaven. Juxtapose this with rap music. Within months of The Sugarhill Gang releasing Rappers Delight handful of rap 12inches were released in NYC and five years later, the hip-hop scene was still largely a small group of regional MC’s and Deejays doing their thing. Case in point, the Z-3 MCs with their great 1985 release Triple Threat. Now I’m not saying that the genre had not progressed in the five years it had been around. Gone are the timbales and breaks that make up the early Bronx sound and they are replaced with an 808 drum machine which makes everything sound very regimented. The rapping over the top is more intense and not as smooth as say, a TJ Swann and there is of course, a human beat box in the mix. With all that said, hip-hop was still in its infancy in 1985. It had not spread all over the world and morphed into a thousand different subgenres like punk rock. My comprehensive hip-hop post from way back covers a lot more than it should. It’s the law of supply and demand. I’ve heard all the old stuff and the supply is running low…but my ears demand more!

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  1. Ah yes. Baltimore-Hop. I had this record when it first came out.

    Good ol’ 85!

  2. TG Chicago says:

    I’ve been wondering where the Last Days hip-hop posts have been. And I also have wondered if the reason it’s harder to find good early rap music is because there’s just not all that much out there. Good luck finding more!

  3. voodoojoo says:

    ahhh, another fix – perfect. Hey, does anybody know the name of that one blog that posted old school hip hop songs along with all of the songs they sampled breaks from? i remember the site had a white background with an orangey red motif and a scrolling series of pictures of rap artists from the late 70s and early 80s near the top of the screen. i think it was run by a German but I’m not sure. i also think that I got linked to that site from this one, but again, i can’t be sure. Any guesses?

  4. Joe says:

    I remember the site and yes it was linked from here. I had a pretty nasty database meltdown a while back and I am still recovering. Every once and a while I notice links I used to have over on the right are no longer there. Blasted into the great vacuum of lost data. I want to say the words “Hip hop” or “Old School” were in the title. These are my recollections.

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