Martin and the Brownshirts – Taxi Driver

Martin and the Brownshirts -Taxi Driver // Boring (Lightning Records) 1978. This is a classic work of insane genius. Martin and the Brownshirts were from Chester, UK and really came at the punk thing with a pretty skewered sense of humour. The A-Side of this single is based off the movie Taxi Driver with singer Norman Graveney playing the role of Travis Bickle and repeating over and over again “you talkin’ to me?”. The riff is this great, jittery punk thing and the whole song is just so stupid and brilliant at the same time. It’s what punk rock should be. You just have to appreciate it. The B-Side, Boring is a little more generic but it’s still a great UK punk track. Understandably, it’s hard to beat Taxi Driver. Apparently, the musical career of these guys lasted about fifteen minutes and this is the one recorded artefact. That’s a shame because it sounds like their entire set would have been a lot of fun. Their name also caused all sorts of right-wing violence at gigs. For more information on that, read drummer Willie Williams thoughts on playing in the band here at the always cool Punk 77 site. You talkin’ to me?

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  1. Mr. Lee says:

    Man, you beat me to the punch — I was going to post up this killer on AITA! Great 45, eh? Guess, I’ll have to hit up another Lightening Records winner to post…

    Keep up the great work with the blog!

  2. Graham Sclater says:

    I have a copy of this single. I produced it and Tabitha Music Ltd publish the titles.

  3. Joe says:

    Hi Graham – were there any other tracks anywhere?!? Stone cold classic!

  4. janey says:

    Hi Graham, Hope you don’t mind me writing to you. I’m Jane, the sister of Paul Urmston the lead guitarist of Martin and the Brownshires; also later Co-starz and The Mysterons etc. I also knew Norman Graveny many years ago. I have to sadly announce that my well loved brother Paul passed away this year, at 11.08pm on March 17tth 2011, a victim to advanced prostate cancer. He left behind a 7 year old daughter, Emily, now in the care of family guardians. It’s so sad. I was wondering really about the recored; is there ay way do you think we could re-release (I know punk is a little bit in demand presently) and perhaps give part of the royalties to cancer research, a little bit for starving kids in Africa, some to Paul’s daughter Emily for her future and a bit to our local hospice where he sadly died; after all of that hoping there woud be some left for yourself ! What do you think? Maybe we could ask £1 per download and I’d need help on building the website or “Youtubing” it whatever; what if several million online people were interested, we could raise so much for charity memory of Paul ! Thanks for your thoughts to my idea? Jane Urmston

  5. Joe says:

    Hey Janey – I removed the tracks in question in case you and Graham want to do anything with them. Very sad story about Paul and his daughter and I wish you all the very best – Joe

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