Odds and Ends

I have been diggin a lot of tunes lately that are currently in print. Went record shopping recently…the first time I have done that in a while. So I’m gonna share some of it as well as a few other things that I haven’t been able to place in any other category.

I’ll probably start doing this on occasion.

The Dull – Reach Out and Grab. This one is an extra track on the Barricaded Suspects reissue. It goes out to Eric at Good Music For Bad Times. Not as good as I Hate The Motorcyclist, but worth hearing nonetheless. Buy Here.

The Snivelling Shits – Et Moi Et Moi. These guys were so cool. Buy Here.

DOA – Kill, Kill This is Pop. From Vancouver Complication on Joey Shithead Keithley’s Sudden Death label. Buy Here.

The K-Tels – I Hate Music. On the back in print Vancouver Complication on the Sudden Death label. Another worthy purchase. Buy Here. Like Redd Kross, The K-Tels had to change thier name due to a threatened lawsuit. They became the…

The Young Canadians – Hullabaloo Girls. On the great No Escape CD also on the Sudden Death label. Buy Here. Late 70′s kbd punk at its best.

Theoretical Girls – No More Sex. On the great Theoretical Record. This along with the Static were early No-Wave bands featuring Glen Branca. Currently in print and worth the cost. Buy Here.

The Modernettes – Red Nails. The Modernettes were one of the greatest guitar bands ever. Pure genius. Buy Here. Also on the Sudden Death label.

The Slits – Instant Hit. The Slits…need I say more? Buy Here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhh, nice one!!! Thanks much for the DULL song and so. It’s a decent song, but as you said, “Motorcyclists” is something different. :-)

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