Look Blue Go Purple – LBGPEP2

Look Blue Go Purple – LBGPEP2 Cactus Cat, Grace // 100 Times, Winged Rumour, Hiawatha (Flying Nun Records) 1987. Another one of my favourite early releases on the Flying Nun label out of New Zealand, Look Blue Go Purple were an all-female band from Dunedin that incorporated elements of new wave, psychedelia and surf music into a sound that essentially makes me feel like I am driving down some coastal highway with the sun blazing in the sky, every time I hear it. With the swirling guitars and organ, the band would have not been out of place in the LA Paisley Underground scene of a few years earlier. Just listen to the backwards guitar on Cactus Cat or the trippy harmonies in 100 Times and Hiawatha. They even incorporate flute on Winged Rumour, which is just a brilliant track. A song like Grace on the other hand has that Dolly Mixture girly-pop sort of sound and I guess that’s probably a good spot for Look Blue Go Purple, somewhere between sugar-sweet pop and Paisley Underground psychedelia. This is their second release, the first one being equally brilliant and entitled Bewitched. They released a great third EP as well entitled This Is This.

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8 Responses to Look Blue Go Purple – LBGPEP2

  1. Mat Gard says:

    The 4th track doesn’t seem to work. Great post! Thanks so much.

  2. fantom says:

    nice stuff. one link seems broken though (the one from Winged Rumor doesn’t work, but that track is linked from Hiawatha, which is the one missing…)

  3. Joe says:

    all fixed!

  4. Ben says:

    Brilliant stuff Joe!

    I absolutely love LBGP – one of those should-be-better-known bands I’m always trying to play to people. Love all that dreamy fast guitar strumming… and the flute is spot on.

  5. jonder says:

    I always liked the songs that Denise Roughan sang with the 3-D’s, but I had never heard her first band. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. Scott says:

    This reminds me a little bit of something you could hear off of The Sundays’ first album. Me likey.

  7. Chris says:

    Always loved this band. I won the Flying Nun compilation “In Love With These Times” from some stupid pop magazine when it was released in New Zealand. I ended up selling it quite some time ago.

  8. elliott says:

    wow didn’t think i’d really like this but it’s great! thanks for making me check out shit i’d never care about if it weren’t for this blog. lbgp is awesome. i’m branching out.

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