Didjits – Signifies My Go-T

OK….Here it is. Mucho thanks to Larry.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I FUCKED up! I take no blame for the first one. But this screwup…yeah. The dead links are because I am a freakin retard.

So the dead links are all fixed. As an added bonus, I added the Didjits version of Purple Haze. Keep in mind, it is not remotely as good as the original by The Dicks. HA!

Oh and check out this noize –

Jerry Lee
Stumpo Knee Grinder
Shavehead Monkey Duster
One Dead Hippy
Signifies My Go-T
Jumbo Macho Big
See My Scar
Pet Funeral
(Ridin Your) Train
Fix Some Food Bitch
Do Smiles Give You Away
What Gives You the Right
Purple Haze

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11 Responses to Didjits – Signifies My Go-T

  1. Anonymous says:

    I keep getting Error: File Not Found

  2. frank says:

    is this the cleaned up version? i got the first one with the noise on it. damn, jerry lee is one hott song. too bad about the scratchiness.

    yeah, i’m having problems with the files, too. would LOVE this album!


  3. Max W says:

    I hope this file is not cursed in someway because I want it bad!

    Yeah…same problems as everyone else, won’t download.

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    yeah yeah yeah I’m fuckin sorry blah blah blah…its all fixed now.

    Seriously though…enjoy!

  5. frank says:

    yeahh!! ROCK!!

  6. Eric says:

    Ok, this is absolutely the best thing I’ve found anywhere online. Blogs, SLSk, Torrents. This is it. Thank you Joe – Last Days of Man rules!

  7. Joe Stumble says:

    Ahhh…all the thanks goes to Larry. I am but a vessel. It does raise the thorny question of “how am i gonna top this one?”

    Fave tracks are the title track and “Fix Some Food Bitch”.

  8. Jimmy says:

    LDOMOE gets it better than anyone, it seems. What a post. Thanks so much, man.

    Does anyone have any leads on recordings of the Touch and Go weekend? Has anyone seen audio of the Didjits from the anniversary show? I’m sure Big Black and Scratch Acid is what most are looking for, but I’ve got to hear the Didjits part of the show!

  9. Joe Stumble says:

    I would imagine that T&G will have some “product” available shortly. The Didjits performance was one of the high points of the show in my own opinion.

  10. Anonymous says:

    didjits songs i’ve never heard, i’m in heaven (actually, i’m in the basement, but thanks for this).

  11. kilwag says:

    Didjits pics from the Champaign reunion show in 2006.


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