Bored Games – Who Killed Colonel Mustard?

BoredGames – Who Killed Colonel Mustard? Happy Endings, I Don’t Get It // Joe 90, Bridesmaid (Flying Nun Records) 1982. The Bored Games were a very early Flying Nun band out of New Zealand. It was also the first band for Shane Carter who went on to be in the DoubleHappys and the Straitjacket Fits. He was only 17 when this EP was recorded and it was released a year after the band broke up. The EP sounds like it could very easily have been released in England in 1977-78. Very similar to releases by The Buzzcocks or The Adverts. The best song on the EP is Joe 90, which also coincidentally sounds the most like an old UK punk tune. This EP is a good representation of how broad the Flying Nun catalogue was in its early days. I mean, for Flying Nun to release this alongside Tally Ho, The Gordons and the first Pin Group 7inch and still maintain a cohesive identity is pretty cool. Seriously, some MBA Marketing asshole could write a great piece on Flying Nun and how to forge a brand identity. Ohhh….I think I just threw up in my mouth. Anyway, Flying Nun was really a precursor to labels like Sub Pop that came along a few years later. The Bored Games may have been a mere blip in the labels history but it’s a great punk rock EP that just screams “teenage angst” from beginning to end. Dig!

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  1. Chris says:

    I’m kicking myself for not seeing Shane’s present band Dimmer earlier this month. Joe 90 was a standard on student/college radio in my town in the early 80′s.

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