Art Object – Ride The Metro

Art Object – Ride The Metro (Constant Motion Records) 1980. This is an excellent slice of US Art-Punk weirdness that spans the gamut from total experimental no wave noise to a proto-hardcore song. Along with Chinas Comidas, it’s also another example of the great regional experimental scene up in the Seattle area back in the late 1970′s/early 80′s. This wacky little disc starts off with the title song which sounds like the Suburban Lawns a bit. On any other 45 this thing would be number one with a bullet but it’s actually one of the lesser songs on this release. The next song Confused is a Beefheart style jam that is probably the most similar to what the Chinas Comidas were doing, except with those great Sue Tissue type vocals. I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Juvenile Delinquent follows and it’s a pretty straight-forward punk song with a dude singing and some great “spy music” guitar riffage. Awesome lines like “Since I got no social conscience, I might as well just be obnoxious”. I can identify with that. Ha. The next tune is a real mind-blower. It’s called USANRK and it’s a proto-hardcore song. Reminds me of the Reagan Youth ditty. Except this is on an art-wave 45 from Bellingham, WA in 1980?!? Just goes to show that we blogger nerds can theorize and historically postulate as much as we want but in the end it doesn’t mean smack. Books are for schnooks. The final song reminds me of the Inflatable Boy Clams. All in all, this is one of those super-cool obscurities that defies any sort of historical logic. Which suits me just fine. Not to be confused with The Art Objects who released the very good post-punk LP Bagpipe Music.

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4 Responses to Art Object – Ride The Metro

  1. Chris Oliver says:

    This one’s fantastic! Especially “Confused.” Those wacky vocals really take what would be an average noise-rock tune to the next level.

  2. Oren Sreebny says:

    I played bass in Art Object. Nice to see people still discovering the recording!

  3. Tim says:

    Now this is the kind of wholesome foot tapping music that I like, something that you can whistle along to.

  4. Mitchell Moore says:

    I lived in Bellingham, attending the university, at the time this was released. I witnessed Art Object a handful of times, most memorably a Halloween gig, which may have been the band’s debut, at Fairhaven College, perhaps the Fall of 1979. Terrific outfit.

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