TJ Swann & Pee Wee Mel – Maximus Party

TJ Swann & Peewee Mel – Maximus Party (Express Records) 1981. How about some old school the way it should sound, for a perfect Saturday afternoon? You’ve encountered one of these cats before. TJ Swann is that you? Shooby-dooby-dooby-doo. But here he is teamed up with the amazing Pee Wee Mel on a sick little track from 1981. Adding irony to the mix, they are rapping over Another One Bites The Dust, a song that was originally performed by Queen and was a suspiciously spot-on Chic impersonation. We all know by the way, that Chic, with their laid back bass grooves and rhythmic guitar lines, were THE band to rap over. Apparently Queen did a pretty good job approximating all of this if Pee Wee and TJ found Another One Bites The Dust worthy enough to back their wordplay. And it is. If only they could have structured it more around the grooves, it would be perfect. They probably didn’t have enough money to get in the studio and do much more than just lay down their rhymes. I don’t think TJ ever was able to lay down the perfect track. Unfortunately there were always concessions made, probably due to budget. But seriously, was any MC more smooth than this guy? I mean he was named after a bottle of muscat for chrissakes.

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  1. Mike says:

    Amazing!!!!Love it so much,never heard this one for sure.

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