The Au Pairs

The Au Pairs – Playing With A Different Sex (Human) 1981. The Au Pairs – Playing With A Different Sex (Human) 1981. I have been aware of The Au Pairs for many years. I first saw them when I was 13 in the movie Urgh A Music War where they did a song entitled Come Again. It was about the frustration of faking orgasms…a subject that was completely foreign to my innocent 13 year old mind.

I always stayed away from The Au Pairs though because every review I read of them talked about the overt lesbianism and feminism of thier lyrics coupled with the “generally tuneless dance-rock” elements of thier music. I generally dont like when music takes a back seat to politics. The beauty of Entertainment by the Gang of Four for instance is that it rocks out hard. The message is cool too but without the amazing riffage it would just be another post-graduate dissertation.

I once listened to Penis Envy by Crass and it is an experience I never want to be put thru again. I assumed The Au Pairs would be a similar experience.

Y’see I got absolutely no problem with feminism. None, whatesoever. But when you get to the radical end of the spectrum, the Andrea Dworkin “all sex is rape” end of it, well…its just not in my interests from a practical perspective to support castration.

But yet again, I digress.

I was recently in Boston at Newbury Records and I saw the brand new import Stepping Out Of Line which contains everything The Au Pairs ever recorded on a two CD set. It was cheap. I bought it. It’s great.

Actually, the first CD which contains thier first LP Playing With A Different Sex, some Peel Sessions and some early 7 inchers, is great. The second CD which contains thier second LP Sense and Sensuality and some extra tracks is more like I imagined. It’s didactic and less musically punchy.

But shit! The first CD is amazing.

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4 Responses to The Au Pairs

  1. e. says:

    “its just not in my interests from a practical perspective to support castration.”

    this one made me laugh. isn’t it funny to see how much of a difference pops up sometimes between an artist’s message and our possibilities to ironically comment it? luvin it.

  2. b. brown says:

    Man oh man. I loved their spot on Urgh!. It was my first encounter with them, and a great one. I will say I was pretty let down by Sense and Sensuality, but their earlier junk is good, good, good. Okay, none of what I just typed has dick to do with shit. Sorry.

    P.S. The Spizz footage is fun too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    please post all the Au Pairs cd’s you have.Au Pairs are great.

  4. monofiopia says:

    Thanks for posting this, you actually inspired me to get off my arse and go buy the anthology :)

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