Man Sized Action – Five Story Garage

Man Sized Action – Five Story Garage (Reflex) 1984. Man Sized Action was a great Mission of Burma-type band from Minneapolis. I have owned this album for many years and for a long time it just didn’t do anything for me. At some point thought, the tunes started to stick and I grew to really love this LP.

Along with Soul Aylum, Otto’s Chemical Lounge and Rifle Sport they are considered to be part of the second wave of Minneapolis bands after Husker Du and The Replacements.

This is Reflex Records #K. It came out right after “Give Thanks” By Articles of Faith in 1984. Good times….

1. On the Phone
2. Can’t Get Enough
3. Units
4. Start All Over Again
5. Replica
6. Couch Potato
7. Fifty Seven
8. Different Than Now

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7 Responses to Man Sized Action – Five Story Garage

  1. GDD says:

    Great post! Have this on vinyl but it’s nice to get an electronic version. There were so many fantastic bands from the Midwest during this era, you could almost have an entire blog documenting them all. Loved those Au Pairs tracks as well, gonna have to check that out.

  2. Eric says:

    Always liked Man Sized Action, and prefer this to their Claustrophobia 12″. Good stuff. If you have the first two Rifle Sport records help a brother out and post ‘em!

  3. Peter Davis says:

    A grossly overlooked document of the Twin Cities music scene. MSA had really hit a stride at this point in time and yes, the addition of Pauslon coupled with the band’s developed chops really showed through on 5 Story… Thanks for posting it. A good kind of nostalgia

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    I got Rifle Sport’s White” LP and a live LP…I will be posting those soon. Don’t have the early stuff. Would love to hear em.

  5. Dave says:

    I linked this up over on my site:
    I’m trying to document all the out of print Minnesota punk rock I can find.

  6. John says:

    Bought this in ’85 and I still think this thing is amazing every time I listen to it! Somewhere in my top 5. Absolute ear candy!!

  7. David says:

    There are deep melodies hidden under the ‘punk’ tag! Okay, Hüsker Dü had a ground-breaking distorted guitars wall of sound before them. So, what is so special about Man Sized Action? Well, their wall of sound of distorted guitars is in between Hüsker Dü’s ‘punk’ approach and leading the way to an ‘alternative’ sound approach much like Live Skull’s ‘Fort Belvedere’, way before Band Of Susans, and way ahead of the wave of distorted guitar bands like My Bloody Valentine spawned by the english listening to Dinosaur Jr. records. On Five Story Garage, their only 8-song release, the drumming is basic and the vocals are slightly off-tune, but the guitars interlace and the feedback is just godly! The track ‘Different Than Now’ is , alone, worth the price of the album. In my top 30 albums of all time, definitely.

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