The New Rap Languange

Most old school rap 12 inches have two tracks, the rap track on side A and an instrumental version on side B. This has two of the most amazing rap cuts ever recorded. The history behind it is a little confusing. Apparently Spoonie Gee was a member of the Treacherous Three along with Kool Moe Dee and LA Sunshine. He decided he wanted to go solo, so he recorded this single which has a solo performance on one side and a teamup with the Treacherous Three on the other side which now included Special K.

Make sense?

Spoonie Gee in the Bronx circa 1980

However the story goes, this is one amazing 12inch. It was released on Enjoy Records in 1980. Pumpkin plays the drums and Pooche Costello is on the congas. I think if I had to pick a fave it would be The New Rap Language, where the Three and Spoonie cram as many syllables into each line as humanly possible. Love Rap ain’t no slacker either though.

You just can’t do much better than this one…

Spoonie Gee – Love Rap
Treacherous Three and Spoonie Gee – The New Rap Language

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