Judy Nylon – Pal Judy

Judy Nylon – Pal Judy (On-U-Sound Records) 1982. My first introduction to the brilliant and mysterious Judy Nylon wasn’t via Snatch who I raved about back in January of 2008 but instead on this solo release from 1982. I picked it up in the early 1990s for a buck at Camelot Records on cassette. It was one of those great ROIR releases. Remember them? I still own it to this day but I do not own a cassette machine. Judy was a very interesting character who was the influence for Brian Eno’s Back in Judy’s Jungle, was half of aforementioned punk duo Snatch, and accidentally caused Brian Eno’s forays into ambient music among many other things. In 1982, she hooked up with Adrian Sherwood’s New Age Steppers, here calling themselves “Crucial” and proceeded to knock out one of the best albums ever to accompany getting high. I mean it. This album is a pot-smokers dream come true what with its’ dub affectations and laconic vocal delivery. Many folks rave about Judy’s cover of Heartbreak Hotel on here and it is amazing. If John Cale’s point in covering the song was to somehow recast the Elvis Presley standard as high minded European kitsch, Judy Nylon reclaims the song’s American roots but repositions it as some sort of weird, nihilistic shooting gallery epic. It’s an amazing moment and probably one of the most impressive audio artefacts of the “new wave”. However, it is not the only work of genius on this release. Many other songs, like the upbeat Others or the seductive Room With A View are equally as creative and rewarding if not as instantly recognizable. If you haven’t gotten high to this album on a rainy day at least once in your life, you are seriously missing out.

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  1. fernando says:

    Great! Thanks a lot for posting this Joe! Some confusion in the text between Elvis’ Johnny Thunders’ Band Hotel (the one covered by John Cale) and the Jailhouse Rock here ;)
    On a side note, I’m surprised not to see the full old comments in that Snatch post. I remember us and another guy talking about Patti & Judy helping in Damned covers and stuff like that and even mentioning this very Judy Nylon LP. It’s not the first time that I can’t find old comments in this blog, it’s weird, I wonder if it’s my machine or what.
    Gracias & saludos pal Joe :)

  2. Joe says:

    No its that my database blew up a while back and I lost a lot of great comments.

  3. MRow says:

    Great album – I too still have a ROIR cassette of it – and like you, no way of playing it. Thanks for the mp3s.

  4. Tim says:

    Sounds like a fucked up bananarama

  5. Annika says:

    Awesommmmmme. Thank you much!

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