Skate Rock Volume Two: Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks

Skate Rock Volume Two: Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks (High Speed Productions) 1984. A great set of comps released by Thrasher mag back in the day. Definitely provided the background music to myriad acts of juvenile delinquency for me. Volume Two (this one) was my personal favorite as it had the biggest So-Cal vibe to it. Volume Three was awesome as well although it was definitely more metal crossover than Volume Two.

So what are the songs like?

1. McRAD – Prevent This Tragedy. An amazing start. This song absolutely shreds. Featuring Chuck Treece (sponsored Santa Cruz skateboarder) on guitar. Early philly HC, a scene I know very little about. Anybody got the Dominant Force EP from 1984? Would love to hear it.
2. T.S.O.L. – Other Side. Despite The Meatmen boycott back then, I was a huge fan of TSOL. With that said, I never got into the second singer Joe Wood. This track didn’t change my mind.
3. BIG BOYS – Lesson. This is an alternate version of a track that is on the Lullabies Help The Brain Grow LP. I always liked this version better because it is tighter and faster. Currently available on the Wreck Collection compilation on Gern Blandsten.
4. ANVIL CHORUS – Blue Flames. I love this track. I wouldn’t even call this crossover, its just old-school metal. Listen to those Iron Maiden-style guitar runs! Knew nothing about these guys other than they were awesome on this comp.

5. THE FACTION – Friends And Enemies. Steve Caballero’s band. You already know everything about this band. Great track.
6. KINGPINS – Ready To Rip. Wow…a blazing rockabilly track. Kinda reminds me of what Eddie and the Subtitles were attempting on some of thier songs but BETTER. I can’t find any info on these guys online. None. It’s a testament to the greatness of this comp that you could feature this and The Anvil Chorus and that it could somehow still all sound cohesive.
7. LOS OLVIDADOS – Something New. I was never a big fan of these guys sound. I dunno why. Most of my friends love this San Jose group. If you do, it has been re-released on Alternative Tentacles as part of thier Skate Rock series.
8. BORSCHT – Bye-Bye. A hardcore band from New Jersey. They were also on the Flipside Volume One comp, which I will post down the road. No info on the web unless you are looking for beet soup. Good but somewhat generic.
9. FREE BEER – Pigs In Space. An instrumental by this great band. Good use of cowbell. Also available on the Alternative Tentacles Skate Rock series. Volume One, I believe. Features pro skater Tommy Guerrero.
10. J.F.A. Beach Blanket Bongout. Really, what would a skate rock comp be without JFA. Great rawer version of on of thier classic tracks. Also available on the Alternative Tentacles Skate Rock series.
11. J.F.A. – Johnny D. My favorite version of my favorite JFA song. Also available on the Alternative Tentacles Skate Rock series.
12. T.S.O.L. – In Time – YEAH! Now we are talking. I know nothing about this track at all but I do believe this is “Jack Greggors/Alex Morgon/Jack Ladoga/Jack Delauge/Jack Grisham” on vocals. The style sounds like it was from the Man/Machine era? The production is different. When was this recorded? Anyway, TSOL has been back in the original form (minus Todd Barnes who unforunately passed on) for a few years.
13. FREE BEER – Start the Ark. A very So-Cal sounding song from these Frisco natives. Used to be one of my faves on this comp. Available on the Alternative Tentacles Skate Rock series.
14. TALES OF TERROR – Gods from Outer Space. A weird instrumental from these brilliant scuzzbags. I believe they have a MySpace site with some killer tracks and unfortunately no information.
15. ANCESTORS: GODS OF SOUND – Treasures of Mankind. The Drunk Injuns with a different name. Not as good as the Drunk Injuns tracks but I still love this band. Available on the Alternative Tentacles Skate Rock series.
16. BIG BOYS – Assault. This is an alternate version of a track that is on the Lullabies Help The Brain Grow LP. I always liked this version better because it is tighter and faster. Currently available on the Wreck Collection compilation on Gern Blandsten.
17. McRAD – Tomorrow’s Headlines. A crossover reggae-metal track. Sounded real good back in the day but now sounds kinda dated and cheesy.
18. BORSCHT – Enemy. Better than the other track but still somewhat generic.

19. DRUNK INJUNS – She Gots a Gun. The greatest skate-rock band of all time in my opinion. Flex really fucks this one up when they say, “The singer is good but sounds a bit pathetic sometimes.” What? Are you kidding? These are The Drunk Injuns bitches! Shut the fuck up before you are beheaded by Indian Ghost Warriors. Also available on the Alternative Tentacles Skate Rock series.

Well…what have we learned? That a lot of this shit is currently available on Alternative Tentacles….that Joe wants to hear Dominant Force by McRad…That Flex has thier head up thier ass with regards to the Drunk Injuns. Also, who the hell were The Kingpins? and when did T.S.O.L. record “In Time”?

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  1. brian donovan unexpected error!!! says:

    in time is the only punk sounding song on change today.i dont believe it is jack or wood singing.perhapse somone else in the band?the vocals are diffrent on that song than any other song on the album.

  2. doofusdave says:

    Hey I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this great album! This was the soundtrack of my life during my teens and I have been searching for it ever since then.

  3. chris g says:

    Other Side is a Jack Grisham TSOL song

  4. Ron Hotpad says:

    It would be great to hear that CD Presents Tales of Terror album again in full…!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Kingpins were a rockabilly band in the early 80′s that won a talent show on tv called Star Search. Ed McMahon was the host. The Kingpins were from San Jose and were friends with Los Olvidados, Drunk Injuns, and The Faction…all whom were from San Jose. Joey Myers the drummer played in a ton of punk bands prior to The Kingpins. Mofo (the singer for the original Los Olvidados and then The Drunk Injuns was friends with Joey. Mofo worked at Thrasher. Thrasher did not want him in a band. That is why they wore masks. Though it was a badly kept secret.
    Scotts Valley, CA (Ex San Jo’ dude)

  6. Anonymous says:

    i keep getting ‘error’ messages when i click the links!

  7. Joe Stumble says:

    ooops sorry. I fixed it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the drunk injuns track isn’t working

  9. b. brown says:

    Hehe, yeah I grabbed all the tracks except for the Drunk Injuns, but this could be one of my fave posts yet, here. I LOVE skate rock. Always fun stuff.

  10. Joe Stumble says:

    hahaha….just like me to rave about the Drunk Injuns and then leave that mp3 off the server. All fixed.

  11. Danny says:

    The TSOL track “In Time” features Ron Emory on vocals and was released on the “Change Today?” album from 1984

  12. Joe Stumble says:

    Makes sense. Didn’t really sound like Jack Greggors but definitely didn’t sound like Joe Wood either. Is Change Today a good album? I was under the impression Joe Wod sang on the whole thing.

  13. flex says:

    haha, finally i’m getting bashed on LDoMoE. actually “pathetic” was just a translation error, because in German this word has a completely different meaning than in English, describing something solemn, elevated, declamatory, lofty.
    i have fixed that for the next edition of the FLEX book.
    keep up the good work -bj

  14. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah dont take it personally are a tried and true resource for this site. Hence the link on the right…

    I just felt the need to defend the Indian Ghost Warriors against (wrongly interpreted) claims of “pathetic-ness”. You know how it goes..

  15. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU!!! I used to have this on tape and God only knows what happened to it. I might have wore it out in my tape deck for all I know. Great memories.

  16. malfeitor says:

    Another record I ditched for no $$$ at the Vintage Vinyl during a horrible “I hate every type of music, everything has been done, sick of life” kind of moment. If you were there that week @86-87 you would have snapped up some great stuff! Hell, maybe you did? I’m assuming Tim’s girlfriend took it all home with her. Oh well. It will be great to hear this one again.

  17. Danny says:

    Well the TSOL Change Today LP certainly isn’t on par with their pre-Joe Woods work, but there are some decent tracks. I also think the record suffers from poor production. Sounds kinda tinny and compressed to me.

    I think Ron sings on a few songs, but yes Joe is the singer for that album.

    TSOL in their prime were a really fun band and I stopped going to see them really when Joe entered the scene. Mitch Dean was a great drummer though (former Joneses). And of course once they went hair-metal – forget about it!

  18. luckyslc says:

    thanks for the post!! the T.S.O.L. tracks are great! anything after Change Today is dollar bin material (i saw this later lineup live and they wouldn’t play the old/good stuff). As for the McRad track–not bad. the Dominant Force LP is okay. first side is good, second side is boring raggae/dub. watch the first 10 minutes of the old Powell skate video “Public Domain” for the best of McRad. i think the real winners on this comp are the Big Boys tracks. much tighter than Lullabies… skate and destroy!!

  19. OTTO says:

    Skate tough… recently uncovered some old pics of me and my pals at a half pipe behind this brick row house in Pittsburgh. Very old school, right down to the gardener gloves we wore… Chances are, something like this was blaring out of one of the back windows.

    A fine post. You don’t have the Boneless Ones fab-u-lous LP by any chance…

    I grew up just outside Philly and saw McRad many a time. A great live band. I have the EP, but my copy is in bad shape and I haven’t ripped. Not that great anyway… the reggae/punk blend doesn’t age well… kinda like that lame rap track on the first Youth Brigade LP.

  20. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah that rap track on Youth Brigade’s first is pretty painful. How about the rap part on 7 Seconds “The Crew”? I can’t listen to a lot of that LP without cringing now.

  21. Erich says:

    Okay, Joe – you deserved this – will post the McRAD LP today on my blog. Even tthe b-side. Peace.

  22. haizman_brain says:

    As far as I know – Skate Rock #1 was cassette only and I haven’t seen it on blogs. It had some great tracks by Riot.303 (which later became Beyond Possession), a good version of Red/Green by the Big Boys, and two classic tracks by the Scoundrelz. If anyone has it ripped to mp3 let me know!

  23. Erich says:

    I was just going through my tapes cause I wanted to rip no.1 – but couldn’t find it anymore. Too bad, it had some excellent tracks, if memory serves. If anybody has it – p lease post it somewhere!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for this! I have had this tape since ’89 and it had recently died. Glad to be able to jam to these tunes again!

  25. Anonymous says:

    here’s the Skate Rock Vol.1
    found it somewhere and it’s sendspace which I have issues with.
    So if you can repost it as individual tracks, that would be cool.

    LOS OLVIDADOS “Listen To You”
    THE BIG BOYS “Red/Green”
    RIOT .303 “Murder The Prime Minister”
    MINUS ONE “Bored Of It”
    SKOUNDRELZ “Exterminator”
    DRUNK INJUNS “Program”
    J.F.A. “Great Equalizer”
    RIOT .303 “Skate Punx”
    MINUS ONE “I Remember John”
    LOS OLVIDADOS “Don’t Cry”
    MINUS ONE “The Kids Don’t Skate Here”
    SKOUNDRELZ “Jimmy Closet”
    RIOT .303 “Depression Session”
    DRUNK INJUNS “Your Mama”
    BLACK ATHLETES “Die Laughing”
    THE FACTION “Boredom Awaits”
    LOS OLVIDADOS “You’re Dull”
    MINUS ONE “Nick of Time”
    RIOT .303 “Nightmares of Another Kind”
    DRUNK INJUNS “Pumpshank”

  26. Joe Stumble says:

    Hey anon, you gotta tell me where you found the Volume One so I can give credit. I would be glad to re-post them bc that sendspace shit is a real nuisance for me too. But to do that I must follow proper blogging ettiquette!

  27. Anonymous says:

    vol 1 looks to be from an entire post on Skate Rock over at

  28. Anonymous says:

    Great post! I can imagine how bad my
    bro’s old vinyl copy sounds from the
    way we used to CONSTANTLY play it.
    Wasn’t Bob Denike in the Kingpins?
    He was a pro skater back then and is
    now the president of Santa Cruz
    Skateboards I believe.
    I always liked Change Today. Bless
    the dollar bins!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I think that Bob Denike was in the Kingpins. That name I have not heard in many many moons.
    Scotts Valley, CA
    Ex San Jo’ dude!

  30. Trey says:

    Damn I haven’t even thought about this record in 20 years. I dubbed it off of my friends suitcase style record player that only had one speaker onto my shitty “boombox” and when I got home I was so pissed that I had to listen to it in MONO! Bwa-ha-ha-ha

    I lived in Wilmington, NC back then. Old school punk rockers. Benjamin and Dwight graham where are you guys? Hope you’re alive!

  31. Hayden says:

    The Kingpins were from San Jose and skaters Bob Denike and Craig Ramsay were in the band.

  32. rwharton says:

    i bought this album back when you actually had to use snail mail and wait 2 months for it to arrive. it rocked my head. awesome to skate halfpipes to. this batch of hardcore always seem to push my friends and i to new levels. metal, punk, and really raw. fuck yes.

  33. 80's Switchblade Wielding B-Movie Bad Guy says:

    Well done! A fantastic album!
    Can also be got from here

  34. B says:

    The “Other Side” on this album is actually the Joe Wood “Otherside” from Change Today. Grisham also had a song called “Other Side” but it’s a completely different (and better) song and is on Beneath The Shadows. Hope that clears things up. It is odd that the same band has two completely different songs with the same title…

  35. tom says:

    As much as I hate the Joe Wood TSOL, I love Other Side. The band doesn’t sound all hair metal yet.

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