The Wrong – Prisons of our Isolation

The Wrong – Prisons of our Isolation (Self-Released) 1989. Did you know there was a punk scene in Hawaii in the 1970′s – 1980′s? I didn’t either. The band The Wrong were a great punk band that sounded like Terminal Mind, from Hawaii. Ever hear of them? I hadn’t either. They apparently recorded an album called Ethel Merman Jism Spoon. Ever hear of it? Me neither…until I found this amazingly kick-ass website.

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5 Responses to The Wrong – Prisons of our Isolation

  1. Peter - KBDRecords says:

    Great find James!!! Will dig through the provided link of Hawaii punk.

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    no problem dave!

  3. Mike Woodford says:

    I have that Fuckin’ Flyin’ A-Heads 7″. It’s actually pretty good. There’s a seller on eBay named teenagetupelo that must have acquired a box somewhere because he always has them for sale around the $20.00 mark.

  4. Erich says:

    I got mine from the same source as Mike, haha. Yepp, it’s a good 7″ and on the to-be-posted-pile here for some time now.

  5. Crystal says:

    I just moved to hawaii and i gotta find some kick asss punk shows to go to anybody know of any !!??

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