LDoMoE Podcast #11 -18/10/2009 Stumblemix

Well my inbox has hit critical mass yet again with new releases and it’s time to share the best and the brightest with a Fall Edition of the Stumblemix. LDoMoE Podcast #11 -18/10/2009 Stumblemix for those who are counting. And as is always the case with this here blog, “continuous improvement” is the name of the game. In this instance, what that means is the addition of commentary from yours truly. Yes, ladies…it’s time to put on your snuggies and prepare the margarita mix because in no time you will be listening to the soothing tones of Mr Joe Stumble as he walks you through today’s perilous musical landscape.

And perilous it is. Do you have any idea how much absolute musical dog-shit is out there? Luckily, I have been receiving free crapola for so long now that I am pretty good at separating the proverbial wheat from the musical chaff. I would say it’s a one to twenty ratio of good versus bad that I get to review. Damn! So much shit is just mass marketed nonsense. This culture is fucked…ay mama!

But the good stuff…ah the joys of finding that needle in a haystack. Just like being at the record store. When I find a good band, it is still a rush. Still makes me want to run out and tell all my friends. And you, dear readers, are my friends. So I am going to put a cork in it and move forward with a bunch of tunes I heartily endorse in these trying times…

Don’t believe Welcome To Ashley when they say Nothing But Grey Skies Ahead because it’s not true. Who are Welcome To Ashley? Apparently they are some sort of Echo and The Bunnymen meets grimy punk band from Chicago? I’m not hearing it. Sounds like classic, Midwestern punk-n-roll like the Replacements to me, albeit with a bit more flamboyant singer. Austin based We’ll Go Machete, follows with Red Maddens the Bull, the lead track off their new EP and yes, it does sound like early 90s Dischord mixed with Jesus Lizard. Me likey. The Hussy, a two piece garage combo from Madison, WI follow with an ode to a fella named Herbie off their totally in the red rock opera Winter Daze. Jett Love, another garage barnburner from The Pneumonias outta La Rochelle, France follow. You can buy their LP Cheap-Trash-Rock-Roll if you want to. It’s another gem on Zodiac Killer Records.

So all of this garage rock and such has really just been getting you warmed up for Screaming Females, a band outta Brunswick, NJ that just has to be heard to be believed. I mean, yeah…it’s like some sort of 1960′s female psych outfit mixed with SST era punk rock. Check out I Believe In Evil if you don’t believe me. It’s insane. Currently on tour promoting their new LP Power Move with The Arctic Monkeys, who I have to believe they just blow off the stage. Now a band they would have a difficult time blowing off the stage are The DeathSkin Razors who follow with a sweet little ditty entitled Buried Under Rubble. From Detroit, where hardcore bands traditionally don’t fuck around. Buy their 7inch EP if you dare. Finally, Danger Field follow with A-12 a badass HC song from the mean streets of Albany, NY…one of my many former residences.

Moving from my former residence to my current residence, we have the Medical Tourists outta St Louis, MO with Positive Press off their new demo. I gotta say, this demo is one of the best releases I have heard in 2009. You should go to their MySpace and ask them for one. The Toques out of Reno, Nevada follow with Roy Stampler which is an awesome unclassifiable track. What are you waiting for? I’m waiting for Mexico native, Jessy Bulbo to tour the states. Damn. Her new EP Taras Bulba is amazing. Even better than 2007′s Saga Mama which was absolutely no slouch.

For those of us who wondered what ever happened to John Pugh, we can wonder no longer. He is nursing some more commercial aspirations with Free Blood, his latest musical endeavour outta Brooklyn. They have a new release out now called The Singles and you should check it out because its funky. I have Breaking News! Exclusivos, a band my main man Chuck Foster hepped me to outta The Bronx, is insane. INSANE. This track is not indicative of the rest of the demo which is more Captain Beefheart styled noodle-roni. Finally, what are “Gloom Boots”? I dunno but Child Bite, a total Pere Ubu style headfuck from Detroit wrote a song about it and you should hear it because it is crazy. From their split with Big Bear which was also good but I couldn’t give the whole split away could I?

I’m starting to notice just how influential Beefheart is to this current generation of noodlers. Case in point, Tera Melos who do the noodle-riffic A Spoonful Of Slurry off of the free Sargent House Sampler which contains a lot of really terrible indie rock alongside this work of genius. Where the Wild Things Are came out this weekend but Where the Wild Things Go came out a while back by The Black Apples a great surfy, psychedelic garage rock band from LA. Speaking of garage rock, anybody ever hear Davila 666? A band from Puerto Rico which sounds amazingly like Thee Headcoats? Check out their EP on Douchemasters Records and then hunt down their LP.

From the more dirty and nasty end of the spectrum, we have World War IX, a band of ne’er do wells who bill themselves as “the best trashy punk band in NYC”. That’s a tall order but they are pretty gnarly. On Zodiac Killer of course. The Crash Normal bill themselves as a garage rock band but I am not hearing it. They are too off the wall and experimental. Check out the Unrealistic Tracks 7inch EP on Compost Modern Art out of Norway and judge for yourself. Speaking of off the wall and experimental, how about those Nightingales? How many bands can you think of that have been around this long are still this awesome? From Birmingham, UK….not Alabama. Rounding the set off we have the Busy Signals, from Brooklyn again, with Look The Other Way, a great little punk toon and Derek Lyn Plastic, a band or a man from Atlanta via Florida with the very new wave She’s Got A U.T.I.

So what have learned here peoples? That the East Coast wins this round. More bands out West need to send me their shit. And if you are not in the US, send me a few mp3s. I don’t wanna make you pay for shipping and I would like to feature more from around the world. But please, whatever you do, look at the music on this blog before sending me anything. It’s pretty obvious that I don’t like mass marketed garbage and I won’t post it. Save us both some time. That is all….over and out.

LDoMoE Podcast #11 -18/10/2009 Stumblemix

Nothing But Grey Skies Ahead Welcome To Ashley
Red Maddens the Bull We’ll Go Machete
Herbie The Hussy
Jett Love The Pneumonias
I Believe In Evil Screaming Females
Buried Under Rubble DeathSkin Razors
A-12 Danger Field
Positive Press Medical Tourists
Roy Stampler The Touques
Comal Jessy Bulbo
Quick And Painful Free Blood
Breaking News Exclusivos
Gloom Boots Child Bite
A Spoonful Of Slurry Tera Melos
Where the Wild Things Go The Black Apples
Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera Davila 666
Employee of the Month World War IX
Cute The Crash Normal
Workshy Wunderkind Nightingales
Look The Other Way The Busy Signals
She’s Got a U.T.I. Derek Lyn Plastic

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16 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #11 -18/10/2009 Stumblemix

  1. Brushback says:

    Davila 666 – yeah, I’ve heard of them, in fact they’ve played around here twice this year and both times I left before they hit the stage… dunno if I should be embarassed about that or not.

  2. Erich says:

    You really good at picking the cherries, Joe! I really wish I had the nerve to go through the promo stuff (and new music in general).

  3. Erich says:

    PS: Anybody knows where I can get the Jessy Bulbo stuff from?

  4. roc says:

    Even better than the last mix! I have trouble finding any decent new music so thank you. I have heard Dávila 666 too from a show they did on WFMU radio and the rest are completely new to me. Great blog here I check often. I should comment more..

  5. MaxBenign says:

    Thanks for putting these together, Joe.

    I will be picking up the latest Screaming Females for sure — really cool mix of influences and a great balance of aggression and atmosphere! Antone else who wants to sample more should check out the free tracks at their site SCRMNGFMLS.

  6. chris g says:

    hey joe, i was wondering if you could link me to a download for doing vinyl rips?
    everything i google isn’t working

  7. Joe says:

    hey Chris G — I tried to email you and it came back. Hit me up @ joe@lastdaysofmanonearth.com or on Facebook and I’ll tell ya what I know…

    Max – They really are great. Any fan of Princess Dragonmom is going to have to love the vocals if nothing else!

    Erich – Yeah…there is a lot of shit though that I receive from marketing agencies that literally makes me wonder why am I receiving it. But usually when the bands themselves reach out to me its because they are fans of the blog.

    Brushback — You should be deeply ashamed. I’m interested in your thoughts on the new Anthrax Club movie btw…


    I’m thinking the one base / last days mashup post on CT HC is in order to coincide with the films release…no?

  8. Scott says:

    Brushback — Yeah, you should be embarassed. Davila 666 is great live.

  9. Brushback says:

    Joe – I’m actually in that trailer for the Anthrax Club book. I was interviewed for the book….

  10. Joe says:

    HAHA NO SHIT….well that doesn’t surprise me. I thought of you the minute I saw it. I guess that’s because you’re in the thing at 03:10….

  11. chris g says:

    k joe, i sent you an email.
    if this works out you’re gonna have some blogging competition

  12. OTTO says:

    Screaming Females…. yeah, buddy! And Jessy Bulbo… fun fun, fun.

    You are the man, Joe. Thanks for panning the muddy waters of pop culture for these little nuggets.

  13. chris g says:

    well well well STUMBLE, it seems that i have once again proved my technological genius and have linked my craptop to my pre-amp with a radioshack brand double eighth inch tipped cord and run my 45s thru AUDACITY, and despite the fact that i’m working with a toshiba computer, i was able to minimalize skips to a DECENT degree.
    and thanks for all the tips..

  14. Joe says:

    haha! I look forward to destroying you on the Bloggers Battlefield.

  15. chris g says:

    here it is!

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