The Sleepers

The Sleepers. The Sleepers were a very strange band from San Francisco. Later recordings were much more experimental but this early 7 inch EP was pure punk rawk genius. There is a druggy element to this EP that cannot be denied. Its like some sort of Iggy Pop/Sci Fi/Sludge masterpiece and in my opinion was never topped by the Sleepers later stuff.

Lead singer Ricky Williams went on to join the Toiling Midgets before passing away. He was also the drummer on the first Crime 7 inch Hotwire My Heart. If you have ever heard this, you know Ricky was no drummer!

Hey the coverscan is from the ultra-kick ass Punk Rock Picture Scans. But you already knew that didn’t ya? Also check out Punk Vinyl’s rant Disrespect. Amen brotha…pisses me off too!

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  1. careless says:

    thank you for posting these classics—I have this ep in another place and it is amazing to find these songs again. The Sleepers were like watching a dream, everyone in the mostly hyper-manic punk crowd would end up entranced by the power of their vision, even if no one could ever quite grasp it. Amazingly enough, the raw emotion and surreal writing makes all the pseudo-punk/grunge poseurs who came later sound like the superficial clowns they were. Ricky had more soul in one line than Kurt C would have had if he lived to a 100!

  2. mdgarmager says:

    Thank you so very much for all of your posts thus far. The Units 45 is one of my favorite singles. I remember finding my copy ten years ago at Reckless Records in Chicago for $1.00! And when I played that fucker for the first time I was floored! A mix tape essential that made my friends jealous. And a huge thank you for posting The Sleepers single. By far, my favorite 45 of all time. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. My copy is packed away, so I am grateful for your post. I wrote that Chicago band The Sleepers a few years back and told them how I felt. They said that they liked the original Sleepers, but wouldn’t change their name! I wrote a similar e-mail to The Dishes from Chicago. Their excuse was that the original Dishes were obscure and only released two singles. Lame. Go to Myspace sometime and look up a favorite band and you might find some idiots using a whole bunch of names that were already used. I found a band caled Murphy’s Law for Christ sakes! Thanks again.

  3. Joe Stumble says:

    Thanks for the kind words about the site. I looked at the entire string at PunkVinyl. com and a few things came to mind. First of all the Sleepers were the shit. If I were in a band, I would not call myself the Sleepers or the Beatles or the Minutemen or whoever.

    Secondly, if you do call yourself the Sleepers or the Beatles or Led Zeppelin or whatever, big deal. I will think you are a dork but beyond that who cares? My opinion and 5 bucks will buy you a coffee at starbucks…y’know?

    Third, the folks in that string are spending waaaay to much brainpower and energy arguing about this subject. There are better things to argue about. Hell…its the LAST DAYS OF MAN ON EARTH for CHRISSAKES!!!!

    Anyway, thanks again for your comments. It’s good to know people are visiting!



  4. eric says:

    Thanks for posting the Sleepers ep,I’ve been curious about this for years. Great stuff. Your Blog is off to a great start

  5. jonny trrrash7 says:

    pretty awesome. thanks for posting this!

  6. jeffrey says:

    does anyone have any idea what the lyrics are to this song 7th world? PLEASE PLEASE POST. I have my own phonetic version that have been going through my head nearly once a week since I had this and She’s fun on a target video in 1986

  7. Anonymous says:

    stumble is right
    happy stumbling
    across your site thanks joe
    as soon as i figure out how to send files i will
    thanks again joe
    not sure how this works so thanks again for now.

    Wounds?BlackAtheletes?Mutants?HousecoatProject?Naked Lady Wrestlers? thanks again you dont have to print this x/

  8. MXV says:

    It’s a real shame that no one has done a CD collecting all of the Sleepers music. There was only that sort of “best of ” album on Tim Kerr Records.

  9. OLD FART says:

    Thanks so much for posting the Sleepers e.p. My first punk rock show was the Dils , the Sleepers and U.X.A. at the Mabuhay in 1979 [we heard they served booze to minors]. It changed my life. I’ve found that though I still like the old bands like Negative Trend,Crime,The Dils etc.,the early Sleepers music really stands the test of time. My 17 year old kid will tolerate the others like Dad’s oldies show but actually plays and enjoys the Sleepers on his own. Once again,thanks for all this music.

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