Skate Rock Volume Three: Wild Riders Of Boards

Skate Rock Volume Three – Wild Riders of Boards (High Speed Productions) 1985. Because I am feeling generous, here is Volume Three. By this point, there was a crossover vibe going on in the skate scene definitely and it shows here. I always thought this was inferior to Volume 2, but it has some amazing shit on it. At the time, I would buy any Mike Dean fronted COC material I could find and the tracks by COC and Septic Death on here are awesome and should be seeked out by any fan of 1980′s crossover. This is a lastdaysofman-approved vinyl rip, so you should have none of the audio issues of the Volume 1 post.

1. Slam – Wild Riders of Boards: A CLASSIC. Sounds to me like a skatepunk version of one of those No Future UK bands.
2. The Boneless Ones – Keg Kept a Flowin: A joke song from The Boneless Ones. If you like Train Kept A Rollin then you may enjoy this one. Me? My favorite Yardbird was Mickey Dolenz. Skate For The Devil, thier LP is available on here.
5. Slam – Orden Den Ar Var: Who were these guys? Any takers? I love this band.
6. No Rules – The Fall: If you kidnapped one of those Barricaded Suspects bands and forced them to listen to Rites of Spring and Embrace for 6 months, it would be sound remarkably like this. Seriously though, not as bad as one would think.
7. Christ On Parade – My Life: The opening riff sounds like Sacred Denial and then it gets more garagey. Good track.
8. Beyond Possession – Skaters Life: Good stuff but I like Riot.303 more.
9. Septic Death – Burial: Amazing band. Totally underappreciated by me at the time as I thought it was just Pushead’s vanity project.
10. Corrosion of Conformity – What: COC with Mike Dean singing. What else do you need? Possibly the GREATEST crossover band ever.
11. Accused – Take No Prisoners: I never really got into this band. Nothing against them, but too metal (in a bad way) for me. Still, this is one of their better songs.
12. Beyond Possession – My Disease: Total crossover from Beyond Possession. Amazing track. The vocals were real unique at the time for this kind of music.
13. Corrosion of Conformity – Not For Me: Amazing shit here. Hunt down and find Six Songs With Mike Singing any way you can.

A pre-dreadlocked Mike Dean and Corrosion of Conformity

14. Corrosion of Conformity – Citizen: Ditto
15. Accused – Splatter Rock: One would think that a combo of splatter movies, thrash punk and skating would be right up my alley. Unfortunately, I just find it boring. Gimmee Septic Death or COC, man.
16. Accused – W.C.A.L.T: A plea for world peace from The Accused. Reminds of that Coke commercial from my youth.

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  1. Peter - KBD Records says:

    Hey Joe, Slam where from Sweden and got hyped by Flipside in the mid 80s. They where the first swedish HC band to even do a tour there back when. Have their first demo and their LP in case you’re interested.

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah Peter…I would love to hear them. If you’re selling them though I’ll pass as I can wait for them to make the rounds either as a re-ish or on a blog somewhere. But if you want to post something on kbdrecords, I would love to hear them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does Mike in the C.O.C. tracks (specially on “Not for Me”) sound identical to Roger Miret, or it’s just me?

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    Yeah there were similarities in thier vocal style definitely. At the time, those bands had the exact same fan base, although ironically thier politics were very different.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gang green track is missing

  6. Slobodan Burgher says:

    skate and fucking die for ever. thank you for this shit. had it back in the day so nostagia for me!


  7. Erich says:

    Did you mention the lp version came in a skateboard-shaped (well, sort of) sleeve? Nice comp, but kinda unspectacular, apart from the packaging gag.

  8. Ryan says:

    Has anyone seen a copy of Vol. 4 or Vol. 5 floating around anywhere? I’ve been looking for both of them for a while and I’m not having any luck.

  9. pete craven says:

    Hey Joe, really sweet posting mate – and like Peter KBD I have the great SLAM LP and an EP too. a totally forgotten Swedish band. I’m hanging out for you to get the Thrasher Noise Forest tape up, some great sounds on there from late-Eighties.

  10. Joe Stumble says:

    Thanks Pete! Would love to hear that Slam stuff!

  11. jb says:

    Classic stuff. This was my introduction to a lot of bands back then. Those Septic Death tracks are doozies.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Slam was a band that was formed in Kenneth “Zune” Nordqvists bedroom in in the winter of 1980/81. The then 16 year old Zune was the singer and wrote most of the lyrics. Tony Janson (best skater of the lot) played drums, Ulpen (I think played bass) and I’ve forgotten the name of the guitarist and song writer.

    Their first single I think was “1945″ – a protest song against the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. It took me until a few years ago to realise how uneccesary (sp) and cruel that act was.

    After having toured stateside on Wild Riders of Boards I think the band returned to their hoe town of Gävle and … uh …. disbanded. The only who kept skating was Tony (later sponsored by G&S).

    Zune made one of the most extreme personal changes I’ve ever heard of – he stopped skating and ditched his punk/vegan lifestyle and started, get this, BODY BUILDING!!! Those of us who knew him as teenager can all testify to how skinny he was back then.

    Obviously he didn’t take body-building lightly and went on to became one of Sweden’s champions.

    You can check him out at:

    It’s a really different life-style, but he’s defintley the same smart, likeable and stubborn Zune … er I mean Zone Capone.

    Here’s to Slam!

    // Johan Larsson

  13. Anonymous says:

    i came across this blog while searching for the Skate Rock Vol. 7 “Noise Forest” cassette. is there any chance of that ever getting posted on here?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Accused were one of the best crossover bands EVER. Hoe can you downplay their contribution to this album?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Love the Accused criticism that turns into compliment…seriously man they SMOKED anything that even resembled “crossover”; and they were certainly more friendly to a punk rock audience. Once the heshers came in it was all over: a bunch of hippy hair and shitty attitudes. Mosh,du-ude…

  16. Joe Stumble says:

    First anon — I feel your sense of betrayal in me is very strong. How could I downplay the Accused? Well, first…I am not the worlds biggest crossover fan so I am not the best judge. I kinda state that this comp leaned more into the crossover thing than others. Second, I ain’t from Washington and most Accused fanatics are from that area. Aren’t you?

    Don’t get me wrong..I tried to like em. Blaine was in The Fartz….quite a pedigree. I bought Martha Splatterhead and just couldn’t get into it. I’m lame…what can I say.

    Anon two — I kinda didn’t veer into a compliment. I never saw the Accused…maybe that would make the difference. Totally agree with you on the heshers though. In 1987 it was either them, straight-edgers or nazi skins. That’s why I started listening to other shit!

  17. James says:

    Thanks!! This is one of the best records ever released!!

  18. Bob Of Death says:

    shit,i loved that No Rules song,the kinda dreary atmosphere and the cool bass on it,i just listened to it the other day

    had this record in 85,then down the road it got lost in lifestyle/moving/blah blah

    in 2002 i was in a little thrift store in Lodi,Ca. and looked thru 6 boxes of crappy shit records and was just about to leave when lo and behold- a nice condition copy of this on clear green vinyl for 50 cents

    i were stoked

  19. LeskTheGlut says:

    I can find absolutely nothing on No Rules! Google turns up nothing. Any you guys have any info?
    Funny, I was always a hesher that was into thrash, hardcore and anything in between. Love the accused. From where you’re comin from, it likely all sounds a bit metallic. Some of their records were more metal than others, like Grinning Like An Undertaker. which is my fave. But I’m pretty sure Blaine hated it. I tried to get them to play some grinning last time I saw them and Blaine said “fuck that shit” he he. Blaine and Tommy regrouped a few years ago just long enough to make “Oh Martha”, tour a little and piss each other off again.

  20. Joe says:

    @LeskTheGut – I have changed my tune on the Accused over the last few years.

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