Evergreen 7inch

Evergreen -1980, Wholeness of the Soul, Precious // Fall, Empty World (Self Destruct Records) 1992. This is a ridiculously good hardcore / post-hardcore 45 that I would never in a million years have listened to if it weren’t for the fine folks at Noise Pollution Records. Three words for why I wouldn’t have given Evergreen a chance…”white-boy dreads”. That is correct, some of the dudes in this band look a lot like the funk jammin’, Primus rockin’, proto-grunge alternative nation people I wanted to beat up back in 1992. And their appearance would have kept me from checking out the music which is absolutely amazing. Now none of this should come as a surprise to anyone. I established a long time ago that I am, at times, a superficial prick. Most of us are, I just make no apologies for it. Like Philip Oakley once said, “I’m only human”.

Evergreen – the photo that would have scared me away

Anyhoo, about the music…if you could imagine Fried Milk-era Tar Babies with much better songs and better production, you would be about there. The first two songs, 1980 and Wholeness of the Soul are the most traditionally hardcore with singer Dave Pollard sounding like a cross between Dez Cadena and Bucky Pope but already there are some interesting time changes and breakdowns. After this, the 45 is pretty indescribable and just rocks. In fact, I have to imagine these guys flat-out blazed in concert back in the day and from the testimonials I have heard from various Louisville luminaries, my suspicions are probably correct.

New compilation on Noise Pollution

Here is the story as I know it…Coming out of the ashes of a metal band called Cinderblock, Evergreen played in their original form for a few years before breaking in half, getting a new vocalist, a new drummer and a new, more commercial sound. The later Evergreen released a self-titled album in 1996 that has since overshadowed the early material. By the mid 2000′s the early stuff had reached legendary status to music fans in Louisville. Noise Pollution did the only justifiable thing by re-releasing it this past year. So definitely buy the new CD because it not only contains this 7inch but also their early demo tape (which is equally as good) and a bunch of kick-ass live tracks. On my side…moving forward, I solemnly pledge to give bands a chance even if they have white-boy dreads.

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7 Responses to Evergreen 7inch

  1. Mark Early says:

    Ummmm… that’s “Philip Oakey”.

  2. Joe says:

    I need an editor.

  3. maxson says:

    The early line-up material is fantastic, and once again Noise Pollution made this a better world to live in by releasing this CD.

    But definitely check out the later line-up’s self-titled release. The link you have points to the original Hi-Ball…unless you’re devoted to the vinyl, I’d recommend the (after much wrangling) Temporary Residence reissue from ’03–it includes their ’94 single “Pants Off / The Queen Song”…
    This is some serious kick-out-the-jams shit.

    & now for my funny funny hair story. I only saw Evergreen once, one of the final shows of the final line-up. And I just couldn’t get past the fact that the singer had hippy head down to his waist. Guys like that, I want to hold them down and hack them a new haircut–same goes for white-boy dreads. But then someone passed me a joint, and all was well with the universe. And the band was mo-fo rocking.

  4. Joe says:

    Another interesting factoid about the later LP was that it was an early production job by James “LCD Soundsystem” Murphy.

  5. RYan says:

    where can i get more evergreen that sounds like this? it’s great, though if you hadn’t of introduced it here this way i would’ve dismissed them as absolute douchers and rastapunk wannabes.

  6. Joe says:

    Buy the CD from Noise Pollution! The demo is equally as cool. By the way, that is exactly what I thought about them when I saw the photos….

  7. Gbooch says:

    Joe, wow….never would have guest. I agree about the white boy dreadlocks! But man…those time shifts. Great stuff. Sorry I overlooked them years ago.

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