Skate Rock Volume One

I had a dupe of a tape of this way back when and I remember loving it. I think it was my first introduction to The Drunk Injuns. What stands out now is how kick ass a band Riot.303 were. The tracks on this comp by them are fucking amazing! Does anyone have their Crowd Control 7inch from 82? Is it as good as the shit on here?

Other than that, I don’t feel this is as solid a comp as Volume 2 which was almost perfect. Minus One and The Black Athletes are both terrible and there just isn’t as much of a variety. Still any comp with Drunk Injuns and Riot.303 is better than most.

1. Los Olvidados – Listen To You: Like I’ve said before, I just never really got into this band’s sound too much. Kinda Oi-ish mid-tempo punk wrock.
2. Big Boys : Red/Green: A classic Big Boys tune and much better than the version on Live At Rauls.
3. Riot.303 – Murder The Prime Minister: Wow! This is the dude from Beyond Possession. I don’t remember this one at all. Good gnarly skate rock tune with none of the crossover overtones of Beyond Possession.
4. Minus One : Bored of It: I hate this song. On many levels.
5. The Faction : A.U.K: Great band. Kinda like a skate-punk version of We Don’t Need The English.
6. Skoundrelz : Exterminator: Kinda weird, kinda generic. Tony Alva’s band. Their name reminds me of Bill and Ted’s band “The Wyld Stallynz”.
7. Drunk Injuns – Program: Awwww yeah. One of thier best songs EVER. Singer comes in on this one like Ian Curtis then lyrically it moves into a western mystical vibe with its “Magic man converting heaven from hell” stuff and then after the first verse, the guitar starts doing some wacky shit. Flash forward to the end. He’s freaking out. Fuckin GENIUS.
8. JFA : Great Equalizer: Good early JFA song. I like this one. My introduction to JFA was from these Thrasher comps and I remember never liking any of their other stuff as much.

9. Riot.303 : Skate Punx: OK. I really like this band. I forgot about this completely. I’ve always been on the fence with Beyond Possession but Riot.303 is the real deal.
10. Minus One : I Remember John: Fuck John Lennon, man. My favorite Beatle was Mickey Dolenz.
11. Los Olvidados : Don’t Cry: Remember when I said I didn’t really get into these guys? Well after “I Remember John”, this sounds like the greatest thing ever recorded.
12. Minus One : The Kid’s Don’t Skate Here: OK, at this point, I can’t possibly be objective about this band.
13. Skoundrelz : Jimmy Closet: I keep seeing Bill and Ted rockin out in the garage with these guys. Not bad. Kinda generic though.
14. Riot.303 : Depression Session: OK I’m a fan of Riot.303. Check out the Iggy vocal shit he’s doing!
15. Drunk Injuns : Your Mama: One of my least favorite Drunk Injuns songs. What does that mean though? It means it’s still better than 99 percent of anything else.
16. Black Athletes : Die Laughing: I would rather hear Die Laughing by RKL.
17. Faction : Boredom Awaits: Actually boredom arrived halfway during The Black Athletes track. Thanks for alleviating it.

18. Los Olvidados : You’re Dull: If you like this band, you will like this song.
19. Minus One : Nick Of Time: BLEAURGHHHHHH!!!!!!!
20. Riot 303 : Nightmares of Another Kind: A little more moody than the other tracks. Points forward to Tell Tale Heart. A retrospective of this band needs to be released NOW. Seriously,Last Days Of Man Records Volume 001. I’m on it.
21. Drunk Injuns : Pumpshank: At this point, you know how I feel about this band.

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29 Responses to Skate Rock Volume One

  1. chad says:

    I have a copy of that Riot .303 “crowd control” record. Its good shit; they went on to become Beyond Possession

  2. chad says:

    fuck..I am dumb. No shit they went on to BP, it says so in your write-up. Duh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I actually remember like Minus One. Cannot remember how they sound now but kind of like Agent Orange?

  4. Joe Stumble says:

    Agent Orange? More like Orange Juice. Check the tape out…especially “john Lennon” and let me know.

  5. luckyslc says:

    You know, if there was some nice person out there that might have a rip of the “Crowd Control” 45 to put up on LDoMoE, they would probably be well-liked (chad??)…i would love to hear it!! I’ve been looking for it on the bay, but haven’t seen it. Wasn’t one of the tracks on KBD 5 or 6?? As for Minus One, sorry Joe, but i kinda like ‘em. Yes, “I Remember John” is really stupid, but “The Kids Don’t Skate Here” and “Nick Of Time” have a cool new-wavy guitar sound. Besides, orange juice is good for you…

  6. Joe Stumble says:

    I was talking about this Orange Juice! There’s no accounting for taste!

    But c’mon Chad…hook us up!!!!

  7. Slobodan Burgher says:

    wow, was just thinking about posting some requests for thrasher skaterock tapes this morning!


  8. Anonymous says:

    If Chad doesn’t want to hook it up then I will but I have the EP on CDR. If you’re still interested or not let me know.

  9. Erich says:

    Youi are one nice and noble man, Joe!

  10. Joe Stumble says:

    Thanks Erich. I just saw Milky’s Bar and am currently laughing my ass off by the way. Fuckin’ HI-larious. I’m gonna post some metal in the next few days as a show of solidarity man!

    Anonymous – drop me a line. I would love to hear that Riot.303 7inch.

  11. frank_bklyn says:

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  14. fnordboy says:

    Ummm, Joe . . . Mr. Stumble? Where you at?

    Listen, I know we’re all excited the The Police (TM) are touring again, but I can’t believe you’re already camped out for tickets, man. C’mon back . . . it’s gotta be gettin cold.

  15. Joe Stumble says:

    yo fnordboy — I’m back!!!!!

  16. Virus Writer says:

    OH MAN…I had this cassette tape years ago and i’ve wanted to get my hands on it recently. I’ve been searching high and low and tonight – on a whim – I decide to type “Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 1″ into the Google search engine and….BAM!!!

    There it is staring me right in front of my eyes. Man, I thought I was going to have to fly back to my parents’ house in Michigan (I live in Seattle now) to get these track again.

    Now, guilty pleasure here – I actually like the Minus One tracks. Honestly, they are the reason I sought this volume out so badly. Power-pop was always my secret crush.

    Do you happen to have the Skate Rock volume that has The Necros covering “Walking the Dog”?

    This kicks ass.

  17. haizman_brain says:

    The Necros track was from the Flipside comp…”Hi, we’re the Necros”…

  18. madmitch says:

    many many thanks for that!!!!
    people like you make the world go `round!!!!
    after all these years……

  19. mattalica says:

    the black athletes was a band of all black dudes who would play in dolphin shorts and those tank-top jerseys with the little holes everywhere. they looked like runners or exercisers. i really can’t recall a single song or what they sounded like at all. i just remember them playing and thinking that they were quite humorous. rkl had a song called keep laughing. rkl’s singer, jason sears, however did die laughing.

  20. late says:

    Black Athletes – Die Laughing is one of the best songs on that comp. Ripping on Minus One? You have no taste. Every song on that comp is gold.

    I once owned “Frontside Grind” and the skate rock video with the Injuns. I love them too, but you are a fag, probably too young to appreciate what those bands were doing.

    Anyway, fuck you.

  21. Joe says:

    Hey “late”, take a little time out of your busy schedule trolling websites in the middle of the night, to look around Last Days. I’m probably older than you. I definitely understand and appreciate what it was all about. I’m also smarter than you because you are clearly a retarded jackoff who doesn’t even understand the internet.

    Thanks for writing in, dipshit.

  22. DIPSHIT says:

    Hey Joe,
    Fuck You. This comp is better the 99% of any other ‘Skate Rock’ Thrasher put out. Just because you first listened to this a few months ago before you wrote the review, doesn’t mean it wasn’t revolutionary for those of us who grew up on it in the early 80′s. Oh have have I said ‘late’ was right? Well he is. Fuck you and your review.

  23. Joe says:

    Wow…what a dork. Writing in with a different email address doesn’t hide the fact that you’re the same guy, moron. Your IP address is the same.

    Once you start boring me, I will stop approving your moronic comments. But for now they are so damn entertaining, I’m gonna keep approving them so that I can make fun of how dumb you are.

    In fact, you’re right too…”Die Laughing” is a great song. I’m doing it right now on your stupid ass.

    sk8 and destroy dipshit!

  24. blkflg says:

    minus one is my favorite part of these comps. and the black athletes song is gnarley. to each their own, but they both have a classic skate rock sound to me.

  25. Joe says:

    @blkflg – You are right. To each his own. I just dont hear the classic skaterock sound in these bands like I do in bands like The Faction and Drunk Injuns but whatever. Everybody has a right to their opinion.

  26. flappity says:

    Just another voice echoing that Die Laughing is an amazing song and easily the best song on the comp after Program. That riff has ran through my head since I first heard it as a 9 year old boy in ’87 and will probably still be there after I’ve forgotten every other song I’ve heard.

    You’re right about Minus One though. They’re shit.

  27. Eric says:

    Thank you VERY much. I loved Vol 1 as a kid and listened to it until the tape broke. Couldn’t find it again as an adult but I always sing the songs to myself. After 20+ years I remembered them all! I just downloaded it and listening right now. This is so fucking awesome. Thanks again…

  28. Progpunk76 says:

    I have both pressings of the cassette still, the one from 83 white cassette with the track listing sticker. Also ordered another one from Trasher in around ’92, and it’s one of the see through plastic ones. I personally have always loved those Minus One songs, the whole album is quite good. Minus One released a comp. in ’08 on “DC Jam Records” called ” The Kids Don’t Skate Here” with the tunes from TSR 1, and some new songs since thier reformation which are not even close to being any good . Worth it though for the Skate Rock tunes. If anyone cares.

  29. Nico says:

    I love this comp Pumpshank is one of best tracks on the tape as for your review the songs are what they are it was raw emotional music that put otherwise unknown at the time bands in a circle of people that appreciated the music for what it was. Brad Smith and bunch of used to shred to it constantly.

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